How Clean Are the Parking Lots and Streets in Your Community?

The Christmas decorations are put away and the New Year has been celebrated. In many parts of the country, however, the real parties are just beginning. From hot dogs to Harambee masks and Moon Pies to multi colored beads, Mardi Gras season has arrived in the south. From Shreveport to New Orleans and many spots in between, this is the time of the year when road sweeping services get a real workout.
Parades every weekend include large crowds, the biggest partiers, and any manner of items that will be thrown from floats to people along the parade route. Both the parades themselves and the boat loading parties, in fact, require parking lot and road sweeping services to make sure that everything goes as planned.

Maryland Street Sweeping Services and Southern Mardi Gras Parades Require Careful Planning
Whether you live up north where winter weather clean up requires attention to making sure that you have the right clean up processes in place to the sweeper trucks that are the last part of any Mardi Gras Parade, it is important to make sure that you have the right plans in place. Both hot dogs and street gravel can cause slick situations if they are not cleaned up. In addition to the items that end up on the road at the end of winter weather and parades, there are other kinds of chemicals and trash that can create an unsightly, and sometimes unhealthy, situation.
The latest studies show that parking space in the U.S. comes at an annual cost of $6 million to $23 million in health and environmental damages to society caused by air pollution alone. When you add in the fact that people can slip and fall or that drivers may not be able to come to a safe stop, these environmental damages can seem minor.
In addition to making things safer, investing in street and parking lot sweeping prices also keep things looking better. In fact, well maintained parking areas and sidewalks are key to attracting customers. Many people consider exterior cleanliness to be as important as interior cleanliness. From controlling run off pollution from roads and highways which includes heavy metals and pesticides to the throws that are a part of the biggest Mardi Gras parades, there are many times when it is important to make sure that all public spaces remain as clean and safe as possible.

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