How Applying Digital Marketing Solutions Can Pay Off For Your Business

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As a business owner, you want to make sure your business stays on the cutting edge of new technology, marketing strategies, and web design. Branding, web design, software development, and continuing to explore digital marketing solutions that will better your business are all part of achieving this effort. With the Internet at their fingertips these days, consumers are doing more research before purchasing goods or employing services. Indeed, the average consumer looks at about 11 consumer reviews before they finally make a purchase. About 80% of consumers say they do “a lot” of research online before they make a big purchase and almost half rely on social media to help inform their choices. You want your website design and online marketing to help steer them towards your company, not away from it. Part of that is how your online presence comes across and how well it works and another big part is paying attention to your customer service.

What Should I Be Paying Attention To In Regards to Digital Marketing Solutions?
In 2014, on average, only a quarter of companies’ marketing budgets were spent on digital marketing, but in the next five years, that percentage is supposed to go up to about 75%. This year, marketers are expected to spend almost $24 billion on online display advertising and almost 60% of CMO’s think that this type of advertising is an effective marketing channel. These numbers show how increasingly important cultivating your online presence is.

About 15% of digital marketers said their top challenge was consistently hitting expectations that an ever-growing connected consumer base requires, 14% cited getting out consistent campaigns that target desired outcomes, and about 13% said simply keeping up with the number of channels that are out there across paid, owned, and earned media.

So looking into software that can help you manage your advertising efforts, keep track of your SEO and social media campaigns, and create aesthetically pleasing online material that will connect with customers are all good digital marketing solutions to target.

How Can a Good Website Help Me?
The old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” still applies in the digital age. And unfortunately, many people do. Almost of half of people surveyed said that a website’s design was their first criterion for judging how credible a company was. Don’t lose business simply because you haven’t updated your site in awhile.

Did you know that a site that’s just two years old may already be considered out of date if it hasn’t changed with the industry? You need to be consistently updating and maintaining your site as consumers access sites with new devices or different browsers. These can change the way people view websites and how they’re accessed.

Unfortunately, we aren’t patient in the digital age. Around 40% of people will look elsewhere if a web page takes over three seconds to load and that number bumps to 100% if the page takes four seconds, and 150% if it takes eight or more seconds to load. In short: you want your website to load quickly, in order to keep people’s attention.

Making your website mobile optimized is also a good idea — over 60% of companies who did so saw a boost in their sales. As tablets become more popular, figuring out how to make your website more compatible across a variety of devices is certainly in your best interests.

How Much Does Customer Service Impact My Business?
About 90% of those who make decisions regarding customer service say that providing a good experience is critical to their continued success and over 60% say that they believe the importance of customer service has increased. With more customer service being automated, consumers can easily get frustrated and feel like their needs are not being met; in turn, they make seek other companies who provide better customer support. And word of mouth is powerful — negative reports can have a huge impact on a business’s sales, while positive reports leave a positive impression.

Preparing digital marketing solutions for your business will help drive sales and bolster your company’s reputation.

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