How answering services can help your business

Businesses need phones and communication in this day and age in order to stay connected to the rest of the world and drum up potential business with customers. But this can be a challenge if you are calling a business and only receiving voice mail, for instance did you know eighty percent of people will hang up the phone on a business if they hear a voicemail? We will be discussing why there can be benefits to having a 24 hour message center and answering services for your business.

Having somebody on the other end of a phone call is important.
Did you know that eighty percent of consumers prefer to talk with a customer service representative over the phone rather than a recorded message? Most people feel that they have a connection to a business if they are actually able to talk with somebody on the phone rather than an automated message. This is very important if you are running a business which heavily relies on phones and why answering services for your business may be a very good choice.

Telephone answering services can greatly boost communication.
Answering services for your business is a great way to boost communication with customers or with potential customers because making contact with somebody will likely have them returning to do business with your company. Did you know according to Forrester, customer service over the phone has the highest satisfaction compared to other customer service channels, at around seventy percent.

Bad customer service can harm your business.
Having answering services for your business can also be beneficial because the services are trained in communication and can have a good impact on your business. In a 2016 study from Forbes, businesses are losing $62 billion per year due to bad customer service. Answering services for your business are great for eliminating or reducing the chance of bad customer service with your customers.

These are just a couple of reasons having an answering service for your business can really benefit your company and why it can have a major impact on your customers and potential customers.

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