Hotels, Motels And Apartments The Most High-Risk Locations For High-Rise Fires

Data center fire suppression

Fire protection is only as good as its preventative measures.

You shouldn’t just wait for a fire to happen before reacting. You need to regularly make sure your business, establishment or office is constructed in such a way that a fire is a very, very remote possibility. The United States sees hundreds of deaths and injuries caused by fire every year, with the vast majority of these cases caused by neglect, malfunctioning equipment or a lack of ventilation. Fire protection companies can offer you a wide array of equipment and fire prevention tips, all the better to make sure you don’t wake up one morning to find your livelihood, and life, in danger.

Fire alarm repair should be considered by any business that has yet to update their set-up. Here’s why you should call a fire protection company this year.

All it takes is a spark to start a raging fire that can’t be controlled. The West coast has seen endless wildfires as of late, destroying thousands of homes and leaving many neighborhoods in complete disarray. Your own business or home can see itself lost to a fire from something as seemingly minor as a frayed wire or misplaced ash tray. Some areas have been deemed more high-risk than others because of their design or proximity to certain materials, including warehouses, hotels, motels and commercial establishments.

Small measures are taken by everyone on a daily basis to mitigate the risk of fire. Cigarettes are properly disposed in ash trays. Trash, flammable or otherwise, is kept out of range of burners, stove tops and hot cords. Even posting an easy-to-read and find fire safety sign can do wonders for keeping people out of danger if a fire should erupt. Even then, there are always additional measures that should be taken in order to keep the possibility of a fire low. Every year hotel and motel fires result in over $75 million in property loss.

Data centers are particularly delicate areas for a fire to erupt due to the high amount of sensitive information kept within their walls. The Early Warning Detection System is required to be used for rooms below 2,500 square feet to give local personnel and nearby fire protection services time to act. It’s estimated global spending on safety measures for these facilities have reached nearly $150 billion. Dry, as well as wet, chemical systems in the immediate area of the fire operated in over 80% of reported structure fires. Fire alarm repair services are keen on making sure all companies, no matter the product or service provided, are covered.

High-rise fires are defined by the amount of ground they cover in a short amount of time. As already explored above apartments, hotels, motels and facilities that take care of the sick are some of the locations with the highest risk. Fires in warehouse properties, on the other hand, have seen a significant decline over the past 30 years thanks to awareness campaigns and more stringent fire alarm repair. That doesn’t mean there isn’t still more work to be done. Failing to prepare beforehand can not just see you losing property, but losing lives.

A recent survey of nearly 120 businesses saw just 35% having any sort of fire evacuation plan in place. This means the vast majority of businesses are at heavy risk for a fire, putting both their employees and customers at an increased likelihood for bodily harm through neglect. There are many ways to create a safer environment in the day-to-day, the most prudent of all reaching out to fire alarm repair services to make sure your systems are up-to-date. A fire alarm that needs to be replaced will beep loudly when the battery is running low or another part of the equipment is compromised.

Reach out to fire alarm services this week and make sure your business is safe year-round.

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