Helping You Get Your School Events Known

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Your school announcements are important to us, as we understand how busy most schools are with their packed schedules and loads of extracurricular activities. Digital school signs can help advertise for every event, from reminders for days off of school, to announcements about the new play you’ve been waiting to see your child star in. With digital signs on the property of every school, no event will ever be forgotten or left in the dust.

So many great things are pushed under the bus because of lack of advertisement. Sure, utilizing social media is great for those who use phones, and you can always advertise in newspapers, for those who have picked up the latest issue. However, what about everybody else who leads busy lives, only having time to drive to and from work throughout the week? What will they notice when they come down the hill and see the school to the right? Surely they would notice an LED display sign the moment they first lay eyes on it, and this will grab their attention long enough to see the date and time for that event they almost missed. 35% of people say they wouldn’t have discovered something if it wasn’t for the sign out front. Studies have also showed us that, for places who add a sign out onto their property, sales revenue increases. For a school, this could mean better chances at fundraiser results or more in attendance for sports events and plays.

Electronic Signs Needed in Every Town

Electronic school signs do more than remind us of events – they are a step in the right direction as far as technology is concerned. We rely on signs everywhere we go to tell us we’re headed in the right direction. Studies have proven to us that the value of an on-site sign is just as worthy as 24 full-page newspaper ads every year. We also know that 58% of people will later visit an event because they noticed a sign on the side of the road announcing the event, or at least gained an interest in that event. It could make a difference in any school, or any business. Digital school signs are not only an improvement in technology, but a way to keep people interested in what is happening in their school district.

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