Growing Millions of Plants in One Year

Plants are great for the home and commercial interior plants, Nasa says that plants can filter our air at a rate of removing about 87% of toxins in a twenty four hour period. This video is all about where all those plants that we love come from. Most people go to their local big box store to buy some plants for their interior plantscaping and not give much thought to where those plants came from.

This video takes you behind the scenes of a commercial plant services nursery. If you are starting an indoor plantscaping business or you just really want to know how these large scale nurseries work this is the ideal way to learn more. Interior plantscaping companies typically do not think about what it takes to do things like make the soil for all the little plant pods or how many plants are being grown at one time. Spoiler alert! There are thousands and thousands of plants that are being grown everyday. This information can help your interior plantscape business by learning how out of season plants are grown and more. Watch this video now if you are a plant lover.

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