Good Packaging Adds Value to Your Product

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It’s estimated that about 80 to 95% of new products fail in the market each year. And this is attributed to factors such as poor marketing approach, incorrect pricing, delayed product development, lack of quality control, poor execution among others. However, one rising cause of product failure among consumers is poor product packaging.

The modern consumer buying behavior has changed. Previously, customers used to make their buying decision based on product’s advantages and disadvantages. But today, that decision is greatly influenced by how a product is packaged. In fact, statistics show that 52% of people around the world make purchase decisions partially because of packaging that seems to have positive social and environmental impact.

Over the years, there have been great innovations trying to find green packaging solutions. The dawn of sustainable packaging is here, and clamshells are taking the forefront.

Green Packaging
Everyone is looking for eco-friendly packaging, and reusable clamshells are one of them. Made of less plastic that is fully recyclable, reusable clamshell help reduces the amount of plastic waste. They can be redesigned and reused over and over again to package different types of products.

User friendly clamshell is yet another brilliant design idea aimed at offering consumers with nice product experience. New designs in thermoformed clamshells feature hinge-like joints that make it easier to open without necessarily tearing up the entire package. Others have special security tools such as tamper-evident features that protect the product from tampering, theft, and damage. This is especially important when it comes to food and pharmaceutical products which demand high-level of hygiene.

Marketing and Product Value
Packaging is one of the product differentiation techniques used by producers to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. Many industries are now using clamshell packaging not only for storage purposes but also for advertisement needs. Their transparent thermoformed plastics allow easy display of product’s contents while offering maximum visibility.

There are different types of clamshells packs used in retail packaging. But most of them are versatile to be used across different industries such as medical, toys, office supplies, sports equipment, electronics and cosmetics. If you are looking to have a unique package for your products, you can request for custom clamshell packaging. This one is designed to fit your products properly without compromise. It also allows you to interact with your customers through features like tri-fold, embossing or club packs. But perhaps the most important thing about eco-conscious and user friendly clamshell packaging solution is the promising advertising platform its designed to be. With custom insert cards, you are effortlessly adding value to your product and boosting your brand image too.

Although clamshell may not be the standard solution for every packaging needs, it has proved to a sustainable product stocking option. But remember that consumers mind their buying experience, and therefore they’ll expect nothing less a user friendly clamshell pack.

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