Getting the Right Electronic Sign for the Job

Getting the Right Electronic Sign for the Job

Signs are still an essential part of advertising and sharing information, even in the modern age of e-mail, the Internet, and social media. Despite frequent computer and Internet use, many people, mainly adults, are going out in the real world in towns and cities for work and other activities, and it is during this time that people will see a lot of signs of different kinds. These signs may be for local charities or political ads for local elections, or store signs advertising a new business, or new deals, discounts, or offers at their location. Signs are a major part of marketing for businesses big and small, and for that reason, a lot of money and time has been invested over the years to determine how signs can be used more effectively to get people’s attention and make use of how consumers think and act during their time out of the house. On top of that, signs can be used for churches and synagogues, schools, and GSA (General Services Administration) sites, ranging from police stations or fire stations to military bases or recruitment centers. GSA LED sign design, for example, can be useful for the U.S. Army, the Marines or Coast Guard, and many other agencies.

The Power of Signs

Signs are often used for advertising or sharing updates for the members or guests of a site such as a church or Army recruitment center or base, and research has shown just how this works. It has been found that nearly 85% of an average business’s customers live within a five-mile radius of the business, so signs are a fast and effective way to reach out to them in any urban region, and this makes expensive and time-consuming Internet advertising practically redundant. What is more, signs take advantage of the fact that many consumers make their shopping decisions out of the house or even after they’ve already entered the store, and signs can lead consumers to particular brands, products, and stores. For example, 68% of poll respondents said that they often or at least sometimes make their shopping decisions in their car, and it is while driving around that they will see signs of all kinds, from LED signs in the rain to digital signs and full color LED signs that show up in nearly any lighting conditions. Many people also learn about the presence and nature of a shop, restaurant, or other attraction for the first time based on the signs that they see, and many voters first learn about local candidates and their policies based on signs that they find during everyday life.

Types of Signs

Speaking broadly, signs can be any physical surface that advertises a message, from a poster in a record store advertising an upcoming sale to wooden signs over a coffee shop, but many signs today are electronic to make them stand out in any lighting condition, and marquee signs can be programmed to contain nearly any message. Churches, synagogues, and other places of worship or conventions can use marquees to share uplifting messages to members and update them on pending events, and a GSA LED sign design may be somewhat similar. LEDs have become very widespread in the market today, and GSA LED sign design is no different. An Army or Air Force recruitment facility, for example, may make use of GSA LED sign design to make it stand out and entice passers-by to visit. Such GSA LED sign design may include appropriate imagery such as the American flag, the classic “I want YOU” Uncle Sam recruitment poster in digital form, the logos of different military branches, and messages about upcoming events or anything else that should be conveyed to those who see that sign. GSA LED sign design may extend to fire stations or police stations as well, such as safety tips or reminders about traffic law.

Digital signs are convenient and effective because their light allows them to stand out in poor lighting such as nighttime and rain, and they can be programed to have different images over time, while a painted sign may need to be replaced with a new one after some time. Digital marquees, LED ads, and more can be highly effective anywhere.

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