Four Reasons a Campground Franchise Is a Great Investment

If you are looking for real estate investing opportunities, a campground franchise or RV park could be a great investment. There are some really good reasons to consider campsite franchise investment, and these are just a few of them.

Camping Has Never Been More Popular

Almost six out of 10 households in the United States have at least one resident who goes camping. About 50% of those who go camping travel less than 100 miles to do so, which is an indication that a lot more people are interested in packing up and getting away just for a weekend. There are already 12,000 businesses catering to the RV industry in the United States, with a combined annual revenue of over $37.5 billion.

You Can Be As Involved As You Like

If camping isn’t really for you, you can easily leave the day-to-day management to someone else. But if you like camping, and especially the social aspects of the camping experience, having a campground franchise might be just the thing for you. Either way, if you spend a little time working at any campground you’re considering buying so that you can get a handle for how things work and see the camp from the consumer’s point of view, you’ll be able to deliver an amazing camping experience that will keep consumers coming back time and time again.

You Won’t Spend Much In Advertising

Speaking of coming back, camping is so popular that campgrounds fill up quickly and repeat business is assured whenever campers have a good experience. Once people know that your camp is there, they’ll keep coming back and they’ll tell their friends about it if they had a good time. If you want your campers to have a good experience, you should know that one of the top three things important to them is access to free Wi-Fi. A study done by campgrounds of America found that 20% considered a campground’s child-friendliness to be of great value. Almost 80% of campers want to cook outdoors while camping, so providing them with facilities to do this is another way to ensure they have a great time at your franchise.

You Can Find Franchises That Match Your Preferences

If you’d prefer to attract the RVing crowd, there are many RV resorts for sale. If family campgrounds are your preference, those are available for franchise as well. You can set your campground up with all the modern amenities and sophisticated cabins, or appeal to those who prefer to rough it in the wild. Each choice has its pros and cons. The more primitive the facilities at your franchise, the less you can charge campers; but you also spend significantly less on maintenance and upkeep. Upgrade your facilities to state-of-the-art and you can command high fees; but you’ll also be constantly working (or paying someone else) to maintain bathrooms and electrics. The choice is up to you.

Investing in your own campground franchise can be an excellent entrepreneurial pursuit. Campgrounds are popular, customizable, and require little advertising to stay full. Look into campground real estate franchises near you today

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