Fire Protection for Commercial Facilities

Fire Protection for Commercial Facilities

Having fire prevention systems in place is crucial for preventing damage and destruction of any building. Yet, what goes into these systems, and how do they work? The Youtube channel, Convergence Training by Vector Solutions, provides a short and simple demonstration of what goes into commercial facilities solutions when addressing the threat of potential fires.

To limit the spread of fire or smoke throughout a building, special materials have to be placed in the openings where pipes, wires, conduits, and ducts travel. All these materials make up what’s called a “fire stop system.

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Openings for pipes are filled with specialized mineral wool insulation and then sealed off with either graphite or caulk sealant. This sealant is usually a quarter of an inch thick.

For ducts, a different kind of material known as a “wrap strap” is applied to any duct opening. Each strap is one and a half inches wide, has plastic films on both sides, and is secured to the wall and duct with two layers of foil tape.

Any other openings, such as those for conduits, are filled with “fire barrier” pillows. This prevents fire from penetrating walls and ceilings.

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