Fire and Security Safety Measures Are Important Considerations in Any Public Place

Fire protection service

As the nation continues to come to grips with the Florida school shooting last week, it should come as no surprise that more and more schools and other public buildings reexamine all of their security practices. From fire alarm systems to security procedures, a growing number of buildings across the country are making sure that they are doing what they can to make sure that everyone inside a building is as safe as possible. And while fire alarm systems and other types of fire protection services have long been required in all public buildings, more and more companies are making sure that they also have the latest security systems in place as well.
Although no school district or church congregation wants to think about fore and security measures when they would rather be spending their resources on more nobel pursuits, the reality is that students, congregation members, and anyone who frequents a public space needs to know that they are safe. From parents who entrust their children to a school district 180 days a year to entire families who worship together on Sunday mornings, it is essential that all public places make sure that they have all of the available safety measures in place. And while no one can protect people from every danger, knowing that you have high quality fire alarm installations as well as security measures in place can help you feel like you have done your very best.

Consider some of these statistics about the fire prevention industry and the impact that it has on the nation’s economy:

  • Small data centers that are located below 2,500 square feet are required to have systems that provide Early Warning Fire Detection.
  • 44% of dry or possibly wet chemical system failures are caused by maintenance shortcomings.
  • Motel and hotel fires cause an estimated 150 injuries and 15 deaths every year.
  • Apartments, hotels, offices, and facilities that care for the sick are the classes that account for 50% of high-rise fires.
  • The combination of early warning systems and automatic sprinklers in all buildings could reduce loss of life, overall injuries, and property damage by at least 50%.

After your business or organization has taken the time to make sure that all of your fire safety installations and inspections are up to date, make sure that you also look into the latest security system offerings and understand how they can help you create a safer environment for your employees and clients, students and congregation members.
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