Finding a Full Staff of Workers Can be a Challenge in Times of Low Unemployment

Finding a way to make money these last few years has been a challenge. With two girls four years apart you feel as if your parenting has lasted a life time. You sent your first daughter to half day preschool nearly 18 years ago and since that day you have traveled miles getting both girls to and from class and activities. You have loved every second of being a stay at home and are grateful that you have been able to spend this time with your daughters. There are many times, however, when you really regret that you are not able to help bring much income into the house.

In the past, you have considered a couple different part time jobs, but you have never wanted to miss out on the occasional field trip of music performance during the day. As a result you were a great mom, but a poor wage earner for the 10 years that you were at home with the girls. That all changed, however, when a friend told you about an opportunity to work from home telemarketing.

Are You Looking for a Way to Make Money Working from Home?

If you are really looking for work with flexible hours it might be time to consider one of the growing number of customer service jobs that you can completed at home. Completely on your own schedule, and only when you want, these career options allow people who are at home to still bring in some extra income.

Whether you decide to work from home as an insurance agent or you want to work work from home telemarketing, there are more work from home jobs now that everyone has the internet. Going online and grabbing a job or taking phone calls when you have time is one way to make cash even when you are checking on the laundry and running in to see a kindergarten music program.

If you want to be home with your children when they are home, but you still want more then it is time to at least consider looking at flexible careers for mothers. The latest research indicates that nearly 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience. This may be difficult to achieve, however, when a company is in one of the metropolitan areas with a less than 3% employment rate. Harnessing the power of people who are not working right now, though, involves tapping into people who have had previous careers but are not working now. Mothers, of course, fit into this category, and can offer great online or over the phone customer service assistance.

In the past, many people have only thought of work from home telemarketing, but there are actually many other options. From customer service to medical jobs to insurance sales, there are many at home career options. Given that 63% of Americans plan to work after retirement age is an indicator that there will always be a steady stream of stay at home workers.

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