Find the Perfect Location for Your New Business Here’s How

Business space for rent

If you’re opening up a new office or retail space, you want to be located in a prime, high-traffic area. Furthermore, you also want a competitive advantage by being located close to other popular stores, restaurants, and recreational destinations. Location, as you know, can make a direct impact on a business’ success.

In addition to location, there are other important issues to consider when looking at business space for rent. These include, but aren’t limited to, the following aspects:

  • Demographics
  • Determining the competition
  • Maintaining a budget
  • Paying taxes
  • Supply chain assessment

The importance of maintaining and developing your brand and company image is also at the top of the list. Will your location make sense to your existing or prospective customers? Will they associate the location with your brand or image? Does it make sense to you? If so, then you may have found the right commercial space for rent.

Even when you locate the perfect commercial property for rent, you may still need to make some adjustments. In addition to taking care of minor renovations, you may also need IT system upgrades.

There are, of course, other costs related to conducting business. This may be the case particularly if you’re in a shared facility such as a large office building or strip mall. In addition to paying building maintenance and repair fees, you may also need to pay a fee for groundskeeping.

When you speak with your agent, be sure to determine if there will be other costs associated with this retail space for lease. In some cases, you may also be responsible for upgrades and/or repairs to the air conditioning, heating, and plumbing systems.

If you will be open to the public, then you need to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. There are also specific requirements for businesses that have more than 15 employees. Basically, this means that you will need to provide accommodations so that disabled persons are able to access your business.

Safety is another important concern when deciding upon either a large or small retail space for rent. Whether you or your employees drive or take the bus to work, will you feel safe walking to-and-from your vehicle or the bus and trolley stop? Furthermore, what about when you or your employees are alone in the building before, during or after business hours?

While many business and retail areas have security systems installed, you do want to make sure these are in place. You also want to check on whether there is a security guard or team on site. This can make a major difference in employee and customer safety.

It’s clear that there are quite a few factors to consider when searching for a leasing a commercial space for rent. This is one of the many reasons why having an experienced agent to assist you can make a significant difference. Once you explain your needs, they will be able to assist you with finding the perfect commercial space for rent.

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