Essential Workers Are Keeping the Nation’s Economy Rolling

The money that you received from the government’s payment protection plan helped you navigate the first three months of the pandemic without having to let anyone go and without having to access the normal small business invoice factoring funds that you often seek out. And while your small trucking business continues to be very busy, the gap in time between when you need to meet the expenses of payroll, fuel costs, and other expenses and when your customers pay remains a challenge. You are fortunate that you have a great relationship with the trucking factoring companies that you have worked with in the past and you have plans in place to again use those small business invoice factoring services to keep your company afloat.

The challenge of being busy is a blessing, but it is also a burden as you realize many more expenses while you await the payments you will eventually receive. When the nation as a whole has to reconsider who the essential workers are, not everyone understands that financial challenges that come along with this title.

Some jobs are more important than others.

In a society and at a time when so many people are focused on equality, the fact that some workers are more important than others is important may not seem like the right thing to say. And in a time when there are some very heated debates about what lives matter the most, many Americans may not be ready to acknowledge that the jobs are some are deemed essential, while others are not.

When the nation all but shut down for a couple of weeks in March of 2020, however, there are many ways that jobs differ. We can, for instance, go many weeks, perhaps months, without a haircut or manicure offered by a salon; we cannot go a week with access to the groceries we need to feed our family. Likewise, we can also survive without being able to attend a movie in a theater or a tasty meal at a favorite restaurant, but many Americans cannot go a week without the medications that they need for chronic illnesses. And while economics and politicians debate the best way to get the economy rolling again and doctors and scientists battle the novel Coronavirus, there are some workers who continue to go to work every day at their essential jobs. At the top of the list, in the opinion of many, are the truck drivers who, with the help of both new and used reefer trailers deliver the foods and medications that so many consumers need.

The delivery of frozen and refrigerated foods, as well as the many pharmaceuticals that require specific kinds of temperature control remains an essential need in this country. In fact, as the nation continues to meet the needs of consumers and patients, there are many indications that Thermo King refrigeration units for sale are in very high demand. As small companies prepare to take advantage of the need for more drivers and large companies also prepare to expand their services, the market for new and used reefer trailer resources is reaching an all time high.

Truckers Keep America Moving!

One of the reasons that the trucking industry is so important to the nation is the fact that they deliver food. Oranges and other citrus products make their way from the west coast to the heartland and Georgia peaches travel nearly every direction north and west. The logistics of delivering fruits that need to arrive when they are ripe is essential. And while the costs of these kinds of time sensitive deliveries is important, it should come as no surprise that even the delivery of other items that have much longer shelf lives are important as well. For example, frozen vegetables and other products may last longer on the shelf but be equally dependent on the temperature control of the refrigerated trailers that carry them.

It is through the use of small business invoice factoring and other trucking factoring services that many essential businesses are able to keep operating during these uncertain times. The costs of investing in new rigs, more trailers, and bring more drivers is a challenge, in fact, if a company does not have a plan to secure small business invoice factoring funds.

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