E-commerce Basics Explained

E-commerce Basics Explained

E-commerce, also known as internet commerce or electronic commerce, is the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. It also entails the exchange of money and data to make these transactions happen. E-commerce usually means selling physical goods online, but it can also mean any business transaction that takes place over the internet. Many people often confuse e-commerce with e-business.

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E-business is about running a business online, while e-commerce is about buying and selling goods and services online.

E-commerce has evolved over time, making it easier to find and buy products through online stores and markets. E-commerce has enabled freelancers, small businesses, and big companies worldwide to sell their goods and services on a large scale. The platform has brought advantages that the traditional offline retail market could not achieve. Many e-commerce apps use an online marketing strategy to get clients to use the platform. These include email, online catalogs, mobile applications, web services, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

These methods are used in business to customer and business to business activities, as well as in other forms of outreach. They include sending targeted ads and e-newsletters to clients who have signed up for them, as well as sending SMS messages to mobile devices.

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