Dos and Don’ts of Business Cards

Dos and Don’ts of Business Cards

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A good business card is important for any professional. It is an easy way to help build your network. There are key pieces of information you need on the business cards and mistakes you need to avoid so you don’t appear unprofessional. This video will discuss the do’s and don’ts of business cards.

The first thing you need is a theme on the back and the front. It will likely come from the business logo, but make sure you incorporate a uniform color, typeface, and overall layout on all of your cards. Make sure the back and front of the business card complement each other well.

Text and logo size is also very important. You want people to be able to read all of your information on the business card. Go through test prints to make sure the text and logo and clear and readable. After all, the whole point of investing in business cards is to give people your name and number. It’ll be undercut if they can’t read anything on the card.

It’s also important to put margins on your card to keep everything tidy. You don’t want the text to get cut off! For more information, check out the video above.

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