Donate All Of Your Used Items Today and Give Them New Life

All of that used clothing that you don’t know what to do with taking up too much room in your closet for you to go out and buy more clothes? Have you maybe lost weight and have a bunch of items that could use a new home? Or perhaps the holidays have hit in all of the wrong ways and your clothing is simply too small and it’s time to pick up things that now fit your body. Regardless of the reason that you have clothes within your closet that you don’t wear or need there are charity organizations that could use those once beloved items that you simply don’t know what to do with anymore.

Purple Heart donations go to a foundation that helps to get our veterans and their families the support and relief that they deserve for all they have done to defend our country. The Purple Heart Foundation is a foundation that aids our veterans with the items that they need by taking in donations from the general public that are no longer in use and no longer needed inside of your homes. One of the big parts of these are clothing donations, considering that all Americans wear some type of clothing, there has to be plenty through the years that go un used and neglected, clothing that could benefit someone else and find a new life.

Did you know that in 2006 alone there were 2.5 billion pounds of fabric that were saved from cluttering the landfill thanks to the help of clothing donations. Instead of being discarded and thrown out, donations of clothing has picked up and been turned into charitable donations that benefit millions of people who wouldn’t have been able to afford warm clothing or even fitting clothing otherwise. Considering that the average American buys at least twice as many clothes currently than they did 20 years ago, donating clothes is easier and more important than ever before.

How Is It Easier?

There is even a purple heart donation pick up that will come and take your used and discarded items for you. With this service all you need to do is go through those used items that you haven’t warn in years and place them on your porch, call the number and arrange for some of those wonderful service workers to come and take those new clothes so that they can give them to homes that could truly ruse them.

Considering how many articles of clothing we’re buying now, getting rid of used clothes should be another easy feat. With so many items that go un used there are always pieces in our closets that we no longer want. Pieces that could be a great fit for someone else. Pieces that someone else is missing from their closet and would love to add.

Tax break! If knowing that you’re helping others who are less fortunate or even veterans aren’t enough than knowing that your items that you donate are a tax break should make it so that you’re rushing to get rid of those items for a better cause. The average price of donating to charitable organizations was $358.38 in 2014, surly that number has to have climbed since these days. If you’re looking for a good excuse well then this is as good as any other.

The next time you find yourself looking through your closet and not knowing what to do with your items that you no longer wear and don’t know what to do with make them into a Purple Heart donation and give to people in need who could truly use it instead of throwing your items in the trash and allowing them to spend years not deteriorating at the landfill. There’s no use in not making your used items into someone’s brand new closet pieces, especially when so many people could use those articles that you no longer want. Be the person who makes a difference with your clothing donation, give your items as a Purple Heart donation and feel better about your choices.

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