Does Your High School Have a New Digital Sign?

School led signs

Monday: Lazy Day
Tuesday: Twin Day
Wednesday: One Color Outfit Day
Thursday: Typical Tourist Day
Friday: Class Color Day
The messages that are posted on the LED signs for schools across the country may not seem of much consequence to the average driver, but these updates do have their benefits. When you are a teacher returning home on a late Sunday evening after a weekend conference across the country, the reminder that tomorrow is lazy day helps you catch your breath.
You have always been the teacher who wears a tie to work every day. In fact, your students know that you wear a suit most days. Those students, however, also know that when it comes to Spirit Week the ties and the suits are not a part of your wardrobe. Knowing that you can sleep in 15 minutes extra and arrive at school in your laziest of lounge wear is, indeed, the message that you needed to hear on a late Sunday evening.
LED Signs for Schools, Churches, and Businesses Help Promote Upcoming Events
We live busy lives. We rush from one appointment to the next, take our kids from one practice to another. In the midst of all of this activity, however, we can easily miss something. Fortunately, signs for churches, signs for government offices, and signs for schools help us remember what is next. From upcoming congregational meetings to deadlines for buying a life long national park membership to announcements about Spirit Days during Homecoming Week, outdoor LED displays keep us informed.
As an example, consider some of these varied reasons why LED signs for schools may be used:

  • Donuts of Friday! It may not seem important to those outside of the world of high school homeroom, but if you are the freshman who forgets to bring donuts for the short break the schedule provides, you will have a long day.
  • Outdoor school signs often run a scrolling list of the week’s upcoming sporting and activity events. From freshman wrestling to varsity choir, digital signs can provide a long list of dates and times.

  • Noon dismissals on all school testing dates are important pieces of information that can be easy to forget because they are out of the typical routine.
  • Options for registration times during the summer help parents remember these important times even when school is not in session.
  • The annual teacher versus student soccer game is a fun event that no one really wants to miss. A digital announcement, helps the community remember events that may not be on the school calendar that comes out at the beginning of the year.

  • Family Nights where parents are invited up to the school to see all of the resources that are available are important to the communication process that can help parents and schools work together.
  • Online messages work for some parents, but the immediacy of LED signs for schools provide the reminders that other parents need.
  • Resource officers and counselors sometimes host meetings that might be of interest to all of the parents at a school.
  • Getting your ticket to the Homecoming Dance or Prom is important information that no student wants to forget.
  • Every afternoon and every weekend, there are many of activities that are important to
  • The information about important school bond issues, budgets, and tax levy meetings are important to the public.

In addition to reminding students, teachers, and parents to DO NOT FORGET upcoming dates and events, these same signs are also used to promote businesses as well. For businesses, it may come as no surprise that the value of an on-site sign is significant. In fact, some reports indicate that an on-site sign provides the same exposure as 24 full-page newspaper ads every year. One retailer, Best Buy, for instance, indicates that as much as 17% of their walk-in customers came into the store because of the business’s sign.
Whether you are a school or a church trying to find ways to get more people involved or you are a company looking to attract more walk-in traffic, a digital sign may be the answer. Do not be left in the dark when the rest of your competition knows that 35% of people would not have discovered a business had it not been for a sign.

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