Does Your Company Rely on the Protection Provided by Industrial Coating Services?

Wear-resistant coatings

We live in a world that is filled with consumer products that both quickly and inexpensively. These products are, in fact, so readily available that it is easy to think of replacing, rather than repairing many of the goods that we use on a daily basis. From the simple computer accessories and charging cords that we use for our phones to the appliances in our home that wash our dishes and our clothes and cook our food, we have become a nation of consumers that buys new before we even think about spending money on repair services.
Fortunately, however, in our greater world we are surrounded by materials and equipment that is more reliable and longer lasting. A simple drive down the street, for instance, can provide a long list of items that are far more permanent in nature. From the large metal structures that hold the traffic lights and turn signals at major intersections around the country, to the scaffolding that construction crews use to both build and repair large structures, the dependability and longevity of these materials is essential.
In fact, the lifespan of some of the products and structures that our world depends upon is so essential that some of these large components and structures are actually covered in products provided by industrial coating service. Some industrial coating services, in fact, are so effective that their products are used across a variety of industries. A major, significant, well established developer and provider of advanced hard metal coatings, for instance, may be involved in jobs at small gas stations as well as the careers in large power plants. In fact, industrial coating services that have experience in manufacturing and providing major advanced technology equipment for semiconductor and other global industries are often as important as the semiconductors themselves.
Consider these applications and uses for industrial coating services throughout a variety of industries and products:

  • In the year 2014, 352 million gallons of industrial coatings were sold to customer industries at a value of $6.8 billion. These coatings range from abrasion resistant coatings to thermal spray coatings and are used on a variety of surfaces in a number of industries.
  • Traffic marking paint, used on roadways, parking lots and airport surfaces, had a value of $454 million in 2014. This single product is just one of the many products that make up the industrial coating services industry.
  • One kind of coating is available in a powder form. It is a dry powder that is electrostatically applied to a metal part. The coated part is then cured under heat of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which produces a pleasing and consistent appearance.
  • Aluminum coatings are available in two forms: hot dipped aluminum silicon and the hot dipped metal coating of pure aluminum. Each type of coating has its own unique corrosion protection function. Hot dipped aluminum silicon has an extraordinary heat resistance of 1250 degree Fahrenheit and heat reflectivity of 900 degree Fahrenheit.
  • There are also two types of high temperature coatings. The first type, a diffusion or conversion) coating, which the deposits a mass that is diffused and/or reacts with the substrate to form a fairly continuous gradation in composition. The second type involves an overlay coating in which material is deposited at the substrate surface.
  • In all, the U.S. exported $2.3 billion in paint and coatings products in the year 2014 alone. this number represented the highest level in a decade.

As everyday consumers, we may be both accustomed and accepting to the temporary nature of many of the products that we use in our homes. An entire industry, however, focuses on extending the life of more permanent products through the use of industrial coating services.

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