Does SEO Really Help Your Business?

Does SEO Really Help Your Business?


SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been said to be the best way to triple the profit from your business efforts. The Internet is exploding at the moment with businesses that are getting on board, and taking their businesses to the global level by building websites, that will drive customers to their business through social media, and even online word of mouth.

Many businesses swear by search engine marketing and say that a good Seo company will increase the visitors to your website. Is this really true? Does search engine marketing really make that much of a difference? Let us look at the facts and find out.

Recent research shows that 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine and that over 60 percent of Internet traffic is generated from the African continent in South Africa. That is a lot of traffic that can be driven to a website with the correct search engine marketing. A Seo company that has trained SEO resellers will be able to write content that will get you to the top of the Google rankings in the organic searches.

It is a fact that content based SEO is fast becoming the new model, and number one choice, for Internet marketing. Think about it if you are doing a search you would choose the free over the paid any day. That is what over three quarters of search users do as well. They choose organic results over the paid listings. Free organic searches vs. paid listings itself makes search engine marketing the best way to expand your horizons.

It is interesting to note that companies that blog get 55 percent more web traffic. Blogging is SEO and search engine marketing professionals know how to blog using keywords that will drive traffic to your site without looking spammy. Search engine marketing will not only increase the traffic to your website it will insure that your business is out there in the public for everyone to see. Do not forget however, that social media sites have a lot to do with driving traffic to a website, so make sure that yours is front and center on the popular social media sites like Facebook.

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