Does a Business’s Floor Matting Really Matter?

Does a Business’s Floor Matting Really Matter?

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Don’t underestimate your store’s floor matting. It’s one of the first things customers will see when they walk in. Entry floor mats can immediately impress, or conversely create a poor impression of your business. Whether your floor matting is a strictly functional, or designed to impress, your business’s commercial mats matter.

First of all, it may be time for new commercial floor mats if they look worn out, and tired. Chances are that no matter how much you clean them, they still look dirty, too. This is indicative of a need for new floor matting. Although they are just mats, think about what they say to your customers. Do they help reflect that your company is clean and welcoming? Filthy looking, worn floor matting certainly doesn’t.

Secondly, old floor matting can create a hazardous safety issues for both your customers and your employees. The curled up corners and frayed edges can cause tripping. Plus, when floor matting is too old, it loses its grip. Once the non-skidding bottom is gone, anyone who walks on them can slip and fall.

New floor matting totally eliminates all of these problems. It gives customers the impression that your business is clean, healthy, and professional, that your store is both modern and friendly. A nice, new mat gives a positive image of your business, and reflects the right things.

Once a customer experience is started, it can be hard to turn around. This is especially true for negative experiences. If a customer or client begins their experience on the wrong foot with slippery, dirty floor matting, they’re less likely to have the desired experience. Conversely, a new floor mat can literally begin their experience on the right foot, making them more open to doing business.

Although some may feel that their business’s floor matting isn’t important, the truth is that it truly does matter. It creates a great impression for clients and customers, mitigates safety concerns, and reflects a positive work culture. If you have any questions about floor matting, feel free to ask in the comments. Good references here.

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