Direct Buy Offers Strong Customer Relationships and Flexible Purchase Options

Direct Buy Offers Strong Customer Relationships and Flexible Purchase Options


Did you know that, according to Forrester Research, online spending will increase by 62%, or surpass $327 billion, by the year 2016? Just a few years ago, in 2010, books earned the top spot, with 46% of people worldwide purchasing them online, according to a Nielsen study. Online purchases, however, are hardly limited to books. Many people do not realize the extent to what they can purchase online. Sites like Direct Buy broaden the current scope, allowing consumers to purchase furniture on the web. What does Direct Buy offer its customers?

Strong Customer Relationships

Direct buy, and other top quality furniture stores, know the importance of building customer relationships. DirectBuy, specifically, strives to do this by offering discounted rates on any number of furnishings and household appliances. The company builds customer trust by offering exclusive deals to members. U.S. members have as many as 700 brands to choose from, and Canadian members enjoy a selection of 500 different furniture and appliance brands. Furthermore, the company aims to count itself among some of the most affordable furniture stores. It works to achieve this end by keeping values at a constant rate. In fact, the company promises to offer the very same values customers took advantage of 40 years ago.

Purchasing Options

Another plus of purchasing from furniture stores online is that it opens up options. Customers can browse selections from the comforts of home, on the go, or at one of the many physical locations. Customers can explore payment options without pressure, set up payment plans, and even look into important furniture and appliance warranties. A few reminders? Remember to check whether items are available for delivery, or whether they must be picked up at a store. Items requiring pick up my require larger vehicles, so make sure to keep the dimensions of your furniture in mind, too.

Whether building customer relationships, typically through discounts and reliable values, or offering a number of different options for internet and on-site purchases, Direct Buy strives to supply its customers with the very best.

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