Die Casting and It’s Economic Benefits

Aluminum die casting

When you need die casting services, you want the best. But what is die casting and what goes into determining a die casting price? For starters, many industries utilize die casting services, such as the automotive industry, to help manufacture and create products. Die casting itself has been around for more than 150 years when it was invented help produce a movable type for the printing industry. Today die casting has become so popular that it is used in about 90 percent of manufactured products, largely due to the fact that die castings allow industries, like auto manufacturers, the ability to build cleaner, efficient, and safer vehicles.

So what goes into die casting? Are there certain metals that should or should not be used? Well, many industries like the auto industry prefer aluminum to other metals when die casting. In fact, it’s estimated that aluminum makes up about 80 percent of all die-cast parts, largely because it is one of materials most often recycled on today’s market. To put things into perspective, experts estimate that upwards of 75 percent of all the aluminum ever produced in the United States is still being used in some way today. The auto industry, for instance, regularly recycles aluminum during the manufacturing process. The majority of aluminum used in the vehicle building processed is always recycled when it is no longer needed.

Other popular materials used in die casting that could impact die casting price is zinc. While aluminum is the most recyclable metal available, zinc takes the cake in terms of ease of use. Bluntly put, it’s the easiest metal to use in the die casting process because it’s melting range is so high, averaging between 380 and 390 degrees.

It’s also important to note that there is more than one type of die casting machine that manufactureres can choose from, including hot-chamber and cold chamber machines. Depending on what sort of parts are being produced will determine what machine to use in the process.

Manufacturing is big business, especially here in the United States. That means there is a lot of money involved. From die cast manufacturers to the every day die casting supplier, the industry as a whole contributes a large sum to the country’s economy on a yearly basis, about $8 billion total. That’s a lot of money. What do you think? Do you have a preferred metal or machine? What’s your preferred diecast method or die casting price?

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