Did You Know that Air Cargo Services are Convenient and Eco-friendly?

Puerta a puerta a guyana

In our highly interconnected world, cargo and shipping companies play a major role in keeping goods, products and services flowing from one location to another nationally, and internationally. There are even cargo airlines whose function is to ship only cargo and not passengers. Air and ocean cargo services like puerta puerta venezuela offer door to door delivery customized for each client and even each shipment. These offer many advantages over slower and more expensive sea freight shipping.

The role of air cargo in the global economy
With an increasingly interconnected global economy, the shipping and cargo industry has seen an increase in demand for its services. The aviation industry transported cargo worth around $6.4 trillion worldwide in 2012.
By the end of 2013, industry revenues are expected to be worth $75.4 billion, according to research by IBIS World. Even so, air cargo makes up less than one third, or about 30% of total shipment worldwide by value.

The advantages of air freight services

Air freight services like puerta puerta venezuela offer many advantages, like lower costs and insurance premiums, faster travel and delivery times, and a smaller carbon footprint.

  • Time sensitive
    Air freight services can control their cargo shipping processes because there are no passengers involved. This allows them to reduce travel time and to handle time sensitive shipments like urgent documents or perishable goods.

  • Lower risk of damage
    With less travel time and fewer transfers, goods are less likely to suffer damage in transit.

  • Lower costs
    Air freight services typically have better security and less travel time. This also allows for lower packaging, freight, and labor costs.

  • Suitable for perishable goods
    Perishable goods like food, flowers and plants must be delivered in a time sensitive fashion. Air transportation can schedule deliveries to minimize travel time and keep perishable goods in fresh condition.

  • Lower insurance premiums
    Because of the lower risk of damage, insurance costs are usually lower for air freight cargo shipping than for air or sea shipping. When goods are shipped door to door by services like puerta puerta venezuela, the risk of damage to goods is dramatically reduced and this is reflected in lower insurance premiums.

  • Door to door services
    Services like puerta puerta venezuela offer the convenience of point-to-point transportation, reducing the traveling time and eliminating extra steps and paperwork. Goods need to be loaded and unloaded only once, reducing the risk of damage.

  • Eco-friendly
    The air freight industry is concerned with sustainability. Decreasing travel time and reducing the number of stops results in fuel savings which lower costs and emissions.
    You can play a part as well by recycling boxes and bags to package goods for shipping.

Door to door transport like puerta puerta venezuela offer a number of advantages for shippers, getting goods to their destination in less time, with lower costs and less risk of damage along the way. For perishable goods like foods, flowers, and plants, they are the only alternative to sea freight shipping. They’re also eco-friendly, which is a major plus for many people.

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