Customers Notice Good Packaging Practical Design Tips To Apply To Your Pouch Bags In 2018

Packaging is a unique art form all its own.

There’s nothing quite like its combination of graphic design and functionality. It can make or break a business’s success, no matter how hard their workers or keen their goals. It’s so common, in fact, that people take it entirely for granted. The craftwork of your resealable pouch and food packaging labels should be overhauled each and every year to keep up with current trends. There’s always something new to learn in the field of packaging and your brand will only have success to look forward to when you stay dynamic.

Whether your niche is coffee or you’re trying to expand your small pet food business, these tips will help you make the most out of your custom printed vacuum pouch and resealable pouch resources.

Did You Know?

It might surprise you how the commercial food packaging bag is perceived. An interesting study revealed at least 40% of American consumers would share a photo of a product on social media if they liked the packaging. That alone is a great way to supplement your digital marketing campaign and save yourself some money, even as you make money. Another study revealed 85% of shoppers stated their purchase decisions to be informed by reading a product package while shopping. The list below will go into greater detail on how you can use this to your advantage.

The Impact Of Colorful, Appealing Graphics

It’s been explored above the positive impact that good graphic design leaves on customers. How do you make sure you’re attracting the eye every time someone walks into a store? Minimal color schemes is essential to smart design, as too much color can run the risk of seeming tacky or overbearing. Two to three is fine for most packages, though some can get away with four or five if they still create a powerful focal point. A West Rock Consumer Insights Study conducted back in 2016 found 65% of consumers tried a new product because the packaging caught their attention.

Be Clever With Useful Information

A resealable pouch can’t just look pretty. It also needs to communicate what it’s offering in a bite-sized format, just detailed enough to keep customers in the know and just simple enough not to seem overly wordy. If this sounds like a delicate balancing act…that’s because it is. The information you put down needs to be vital, not pedantic, and stress what makes your product truly stand out from the pack. Businesses that pay very close attention to their packaging report, on average, a 30% increase in customer interest.

Customers Love A Little Extra Convenience

You have a beautiful design that communicates your brand’s intent and good copyright that straddles that fine line between focused and detailed. What about plain convenience? The resealable pouch or custom food packaging should be easy to open and even easier to dispose of. The average American supermarket today holds over 20,000 products, all competing for just a second or two of attention, and every point should be in your favor. Packaging today can be made convenient through the use of clamshell designs, clear plastic sleeves, and resealable edges.

Defining The Art Of The Good Pouch And Bag

Your packaging needs to be looked at critically on a rolling basis. There’s no such thing as a static rule to follow, as design is malleable and reflects the times you live in. Businesses that respect this simple fact can gain free marketing through word-of-mouth and more new customers. Some have even gone the extra mile through custom packaging design options. One study analyzed this new wave in premium packaging bags and pouches, finding nearly 55% of online consumers stating they would return to a business for another purchase if they received their purchase in a premium state.

Packaging for coffee shops, pet shops, and tea shops all share one thing in common. They respect the art of design and, in turn, reap the benefits year-round.

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