Creative Direct Mail Postcards

Creative Direct Mail Postcards

Custom postcard printing

Postcard collecting is known as deltiology and is considered one of the three biggest collectible hobbies around the world. Lester Wunderman was known for being the creator of contemporary direct marketing and established the 1800 toll free number along with the magazine description card. Because of this man, the creation of direct mail postcards was plausible and still exists today. These direct mail postcards are great for sending well wishes to someone that you are thinking about, to let family and friends know you are enjoying your vacation, or simply to serve as collectibles for your hobby. There are also business postcards that you are practical for companies needing to send reminders or advertisements to people all over the world.

A recent survey has concluded that direct mail marketing generated the strongest ROI for various customer acquisitions for B2C marketers. The 1960s and 70s brought an odd trend as the use of postcards were not only for holidays or jokes, but to announce openings of new freeways and industrial parks. As you can see, direct mail postcards can be used for a number of different reasons and as they are easy to send out and are a very affordable marketing technique. Those looking to take advantage of direct mail postcards should contact a custom postcard printing service to see what they can create for your particular company.

Between the 1920s and the mid century, quite a few of the popular postcards were considered to be of the saucy seaside type and featured crude jokes and images. These can still be found today, but many people and companies use customized postcards for more practical purposes. Anyone in the real estate industry should check out the real estate postcards that are available to help better publicize what they are selling. Direct mail postcards are advantageous to businesses as they are effective in marketing and serve as great reminders for clients that have upcoming appointments or scheduled deliveries.

Aside from strictly business, direct mail postcards can also be a fun way to show someone they are on your mind. These direct mail postcards can cheer someone up in the hospital that may be feeling ill or spread good cheer back home from an exciting vacation spot. Search for a postcard manufacturing company on the internet to locate the nearest one in your area that creates customized cards professionally and at an affordable cost.

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