Create a More Positive Customer Experience With the Best Work Order Software

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Are you experiencing challenges with providing the best possible customer experience? While you may need employees that are more engaged, it’s also possible that you may need more effective tools, such as the best work order software.

Do you need to resolve conflicts on a regular basis? On average, managers tend to spend 25% to 40% of their work week handling conflicts. While 60% to 80% of these conflicts are due to employee relationships, a 2013 Gallup survey indicated that 70% of workers in the United States may not be as engaged as they could be. In other words, they are either “disengaged” or “actively disengaged” when they are at work. Needless to say, this can contribute to workplace conflict.

Is a large percentage of your business communication handled via email? You may be interested to know that in 2015 alone, The Radicati Group, Inc. found that there were over 205 million emails sent and received on a daily basis. This technology market research firm also estimates that by the end of 2019, there will be a three percent increase in the amount of emails that are sent and received. This figure is supposed to reach more than 246 billion by that time.

Do you find that you or your employees spend an inordinate amount of time reading and responding to emails? In the United States, this has been shown to consume as much as 28% of the work week. A study conducted in 2010, however, showed that many people may not respond to emails in a timely fashion or at all. Many of the individuals within this study took two weeks to respond to emails or didn’t respond at all. As a result, they were considered to be “less credible” than people that did respond in a reasonable amount of time.

How long do you think your customers remain on-hold? Over the course of a year, recent figures show that people in the United States spend about 900 million hours on-hold. This amounts to about 43 entire days. While it may be challenging to respond to calls in the afternoon when they tend to triple, the fastest response times tend to be in the morning between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

Are you looking for more effective project planning tools and techniques? Or perhaps you’re looking for the best work order software for your business? Whether you need a help desk ticketing system, a productivity time tracker, or service shop scheduling software, you know that these can assist you with providing more efficient and effective customer service. You may find that your employees also become more engaged and that there are fewer conflicts as a result of having the best work order software.

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