Could the Internet Surpass TV as King of the News?

Could the Internet Surpass TV as King of the News?

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A recent Gallup poll found that the majority of Americans still get their news from the television. Just nine percent said that news papers and print publications were their favorite and six percent prefer the radio, while 55% turn on the TV to get updates. However, in between those two opposite ends of the spectrum, is the internet, which just over 20% of people use. However, it is not difficult to foresee a time in the near future when the internet overtakes the TV because of how much better it can be for getting sports, weather, politics, entertainment, and business news online.

Though turning on the TV in the morning while having a cup of coffee or after a long day at work to get todays business news, the reality is that many people have busy schedules and don’t have the time to watch their favorite news programs at the same time every day. Because of that, many will want take advantage of how convenient it can be to get business news online. The internet lets you get updates right from your desk at work or while you are lounging on the couch late at night with a laptop. The flexibility of being able to get the business news and other stories at any time makes the internet far more convenient than the TV.

As of 2011, according to Pew Internet, nearly half of Americans said that they get some news updates on their smartphone. Getting news while on the go is important for people who have, in addition to demanding jobs, responsibilities with their children or who just want to find time to get to the gym and burn off stress. Quite simply, getting business and financial news on a phone is just easier and less burdensome than watching the TV, and continued technological developments will make smartphone news sources even more popular.

One of the concerns that some people might have when it comes to getting business news online is that there might not be the same images and visual representations of stories. People are visual learners, so it is only natural that the TV has reigned supreme. However, most news sites post videos along with their stories the same way that they would show them on TV, so using the internet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on interesting videos.

Though TV has a firm hold as the most popular American news outlet, the internet and online news sources are working hard to carve their niche. Because the web offers more convenience and flexibility, it is not hard to see a day in the near future where the internet takes command.

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