Container Features and Designs What You Need to Know


If you are someone who is looking to invest in new container home or business, or simply update your space, consider the tips below regarding conex container solutions! Conex container structures are pieces that can be used to ensure your home is structurally sound! Containers are mobile, strong, stackable and resistant to all weather making them a stable in any construction site. Further, they require no foundation underneath them, and can last for an average of 25 years! Keep reading for some helpful tips regarding the benefits and uses of container structures!

Tips for Using Container Structures in Your Design Space

    1. Use conex containers – save the environment and the money in your wallet!.

    Research shows that some construction sites and projects estimate that buildings made with containers can result in total savings upwards of forty percent when comparing to traditional construction sites. This means, that taking the time to explore all construction options could save you money in the long run. No matter what the project is, from modular housing designs to office renovations, the savings have the potential to be substantial. Be sure to explore the cost of all projects, but know that if you use containers you are likely to see some additional savings in your bank!

    2. They say time is money, so spend less and use repurposed shipping containers on your renovation projects!

    When you build a house out of a shipping container it takes on average, two to three weeks. Compare this to the standards four to six months it takes to make classic brick and mortar design structures. This is significant, as you can turn that expensive, long-term project into a quicker process. Not only will you spend less time renovating, but you are bound to spend less money by using conex containers!

    3. Do your research – explore all conex container options available to you!

    Whether you are designing a home or office, there are many conex container options available to you. There are many sizes and color options, as well as renovations that can be made to these conex containers to personalize them. Consider all of your potential design options to ensure that your new space represents you in the best way possible!

If you found these tips helpful, then you are on the right track to get the best container designs for your space. Remember to follow these steps when it comes to making your final conex container choices to ensure that you maximize on your renovation potential!

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