Consider Offering These Services for Your Custom Home Renovation Business

Consider Offering These Services for Your Custom Home Renovation Business

Are you thinking of starting a home improvement business? It’s a great idea that can be profitable. Considering every year, many people seek home renovation services, and it means the market is there. That said, there are many home improvement services one can offer. This can make it hard to decide which niche to venture into. In the article below, find some of the top services you can offer for your custom home renovation business.

How to Start Your Business

You’ll first need to decide what service to offer as a home remodeling contractor. Once you figure that out, understand the ins and outs of that particular field. Asking questions like who you will be selling to and who your competitors will be, gives you a deeper understanding of the business. You must also determine which unique value you’ll bring to your customers. Do some research about the business so that you have an idea of what to expect ahead.

Starting a custom home renovation business also means coming up with a business plan. This document will be your guide, helping you make decisions. Some things to add to the plan include key activities, source of capital, business structure, goals and objectives, and a financial plan. Whatever business you offer, you have to register it and secure permits and insurance. You’ll also need to market the business to get people to know about it.


Painting is one of the easiest custom home renovation projects to undertake. Because it has such a significant impact, it’s among the first things people will consider when looking to improve their homes. When getting into this business, make sure you understand everything about it first. Without learning, you may make mistakes that will cost you money and customers.

Invest in the necessary tools for starting a business. This includes brushes, scrapers, rollers, and drop clothes. There are other advanced painting equipment, like a putty sprayer, which you might not need to buy initially unless you get a painting job that justifies buying it. But if you have the capital to invest in such, go ahead. Also, avoid buying cheap equipment suitable for DIYers. Get quality rollers and brushes used by professional residential painters. This will help you do a good job and not have to replace tools every couple of weeks or months.

Keep in mind that at one point, you may need to hire people to help with huge projects. In such a case, hire people with skills and experience. Even if you hire people who are still learning, pair them with skilled painters who will guide them and ensure they do a neat job.


Another custom home renovation service you can offer is roofing. This industry is on the rise and is expected to reach about $156 billion by 2030. With a figure like that, starting a roofing business is a good idea. Plus, people will always need roofs as long as they keep living in structures. That means roofers will always be in demand. When starting this business, one of the things to plan for is how much it will cost you to budget for equipment, insurance, wages, and marketing.

You also need to understand the trends and challenges in this industry. For example, metal roofing is becoming popular because it lasts a long time, is easy to install, and is available in different styles. You can take advantage of this and offer metal roofing to your customers. On the downside, this industry has a lot of competition. You have to stand out as a roofer to attract customers. Market yourself, offer quality services, and good customer care. Doing these things will help you stand out in the market.


Window installation and replacement is one of the leading custom home renovation projects in the US. In a world where people are looking to make their homes as energy efficient as possible, offering window repair and replacement services is a great service to offer. Furthermore, getting into this business isn’t challenging because the capital requirements are low compared to most home renovation services.

Before starting the business, research and discover your target market and the competitors in your area. Also, calculate your costs, such as product transportation, labor, and other additional fees. Don’t forget to check state requirements for a window installation and repair business. This way, you’ll get the right licenses and insurance.

You will also need to identify reputable window suppliers in your area and partner with them. Suppliers that offer different types of windows, such as vinyl, double-pane, fiberglass, and wood-clad options, are better because they’ll likely have everything you need for your business. Once you’re up and running, you will want to attract customers and keep them returning. You can do this by offering reasonable prices and quality work. Establish a professional relationship and build your business as a reliable company.


Household appliances make life much easier. Unfortunately, they are machines that are prone to wear and tear. When most people remodel their homes, they also consider repairing their appliances, such as gas stoves, washing machines, cloth dryers, and refrigerators. Because of this, offering appliance repair services is a great business idea.

One of the areas you need to be keen on when starting is hiring skilled staff and offering quality services. Because you’re just starting out, you’re yet to get customer testimonials. Your experienced staff doing a good job assures customers they made the right choice. In addition, invest in quality tools that allow you to work efficiently and quickly. Don’t forget to reach out to suppliers for essential items like spares. Do this with several suppliers because depending on one supplier is a risky move.

Lastly, ensure you get the costing right. This is key with any custom home renovation service offered. You get profits by keeping costs low, meaning you have to figure out ways of keeping your operational cost low. When billing clients, factor in the cost of labor, parts, taxes, transportation, etc. Also, even though there is no standard repair fee, checking how much your competitors charge can help you understand how much to charge.


If you’re passionate about conserving the planet, this is an excellent business to get into. Plus, as more people look for ways to be more eco-friendly, they’re seeking recycling companies that can help them achieve that. Beyond having a passion for saving the planet, you also need to ensure this business is profitable. First, determine what you want to recycle. You can decide to recycle multiple materials or just focus on one.

The most common material is metal recycling, where you will collect metal materials from homeowners, sort them and sell them to a scrap yard. You’ll be making money in two ways with this custom home renovation service. The first is where homeowners pay you to haul away their junk, and the second way is by selling the sorted junk to metal scrap yards. Other materials you can recycle include food waste, glass, plastic, battery, clothing, tires, and paper.

You will need a facility where the recycling happens. The space should be big enough to accommodate waste, your employees, and recycling equipment. The cost of such a facility can be high in cities. It’s advisable to find a place outside of town to secure reasonable prices. Once that’s done, market your services to attract customers and start making money.

Kitchen Remodels

One of the major home renovation projects homeowners undertake is kitchen remodeling. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where most activities happen. Many homeowners want them to be appealing and functional. Given how important they are, this is one of the most demanding niches in the home remodeling industry. This custom home renovation business requires creativity and technical knowledge of the construction industry.

You must be well-versed in space planning, design, and aesthetics to succeed. You also need technical knowledge on handling different tasks like plumbing, installing cabinets, countertops, etc. Having industry knowledge is vital because, in many cases, homeowners will ask for advice. For example, why should they install a granite marble countertop instead of tile or quartz? Which cabinet design suits their kitchen layout? How about the best flooring for the kitchen? When they ask such questions, they expect professional answers.

With many people offering kitchen remodeling services, find your niche. For example, you can offer environmentally sustainable kitchen solutions to customers. Since many people are going green, the market is good. Make your business profitable by offering quality work and satisfying customers. You will generate more business.

Garage Renovations

This type of custom home renovation service entails repairing damaged garage doors and installing new ones. The start-up cost is relatively low. That’s because you don’t need to store any materials. You can just order garage doors from retailers when you get customer requests. Aside from that, you will need to invest in power tools for repair and installation, reliable transportation, business licenses, and rent if you open a physical location.

Familiarize yourself with how much other businesses charge for a local garage door install. It will give you an idea of how much to charge. Normally, installation costs vary based on the door to be installed, plus labor. After establishing your company, you will need to market your business. Adopt solid marketing strategies tailored for start-ups. Use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This is one of the fastest ways to reach out to a huge group of people in your area.


Every home needs doors. In fact, every house requires several doors based on the number of rooms it has. Because of how necessary they are, door repair and installation is an excellent custom home renovation service to offer. Qualifications are key when starting any business. Homeowners want to know that you have undergone training and have the right skills.

Aside from that, invest in high-quality equipment needed for repairing and installing new doors. Even if starting a business is a costly venture, don’t go for low-quality tools trying to keep costs down. Most of the time, these tools are inefficient, and they wear out quickly.

Also, get to know the different styles of doors in the market. This includes French doors, hinged doors, sliding doors, and bifold doors. Having industry knowledge helps you advise customers when they’re making renovation decisions. For example, why should a client install a frameless glass door? Which areas are best suited for such doors? What is the best material for a front door? Customers will ask these questions, and if you don’t have the answers, they may choose to work with other people.

Interior Designing

When most people consider renovating their homes, they work with interior designers. They want someone with the skills, creativity, and knowledge to transform spaces into beautiful, functional rooms. You can decide to offer interior design services for the whole house or focus on specific rooms, such as the bathroom and kitchen. The important thing is not to take more than you can handle or limit yourself.

When going into this custom home renovation business, ensure you have a portfolio. Since you’re starting out, you may not have a huge portfolio yet. However, you can include work you have done in your home, mood boards, and 3D renderings of spaces to show customers what you’re capable of. In addition, build relationships with suppliers such as appliance distributors and general contractors. You will need them when ordering items for customers.


Now more than ever, people value outdoor spaces to relax and unwind. That’s why landscaping is such a big industry. Your role will involve transforming outdoor spaces into appealing and functional areas. You also need to be creative in this field and be able to work with any size and layout of land. Your job is to help homeowners design their outdoor spaces and install elements like outdoor kitchens, patios, swimming pools, fountains, and plants. Don’t forget to invest in quality equipment needed for the various services you’ll be offering.

These are some of the main services you can consider for a custom home renovation business. Choose a service you have passion and expertise in. Running your own business can be challenging, but it’s easier to overcome hurdles when you have the passion and skills for the job.

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