Conception to Creation of Customized Jewelry (And Pricing!)

Conception to Creation of Customized Jewelry (And Pricing!)

Creating customized jewelry is a process that requires an intense level of attention to detail, and the final price is affected by so many steps along the way. You can learn more about this topic by watching the video below. Here are the three crucial steps involved:

Step 1: Conception

First, it begins with conceptualizing an idea in mind. Once an idea has been born, the piece’s details are tabled.

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At this stage, it is better to look at the preferences for metal color, stone color/type/size, design, etc. At this point, incorporate budget details to adjust the piece to meet the expectations for the price.

Step 2: Drawing It Up

This step incorporates the preferences of the customer preferences. Pictures of these drawings can be used to make the idea look real. However, the final product will slightly vary from the original sketches.

Step 3: Pricing

Depending on one’s budget and what type of materials they want (e.g., gold vs. silver), the jeweler will choose a price for the custom piece of jewelry. They may also add costs based on any additional customization a client may want. Call home for more details.


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