Commercial Garage Door Installation

Commercial Garage Door Installation

Do you know what goes into installing a residential or commercial garage door? Garage doors are extremely complex and must be built to withstand tremendous forces. Professional garage door installers have to consider many things, like curve radius, cut formula, and more.

True garage door professionals don’t simply install a door either.

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During the entire commercial garage door installation process they’ll keep an eye out for problems. If needed, they’ll troubleshoot issues to ensure that your garage door works properly.

A great garage door installation company pays close attention to their customer. Technicians should work with you to determine door opening heights and other factors that will impact use. If you need a commercial garage door to protect say farming or industrial equipment, you may need a lot of height clearance.

Garage doors are also very complex. You’ll find tract systems, cables, drums, and more. This is true for both commercial and residential garage doors. That said, industrial garage doors often feature bigger motors, cables, and the like.

If your garage door is improperly installed, it could break down very quickly, leaving you on the hook for expensive repair bills. Worse yet, it could create safety issues. So make sure your commercial garage door is properly installed from the get-go!.

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