Color Is Communication Shaking Up Your Marketing Approach With Color Coded Dot Stickers

Convenience is a pretty wonderful thing. In fact, it’s so wonderful we can sometimes take it completely for granted!

Think about the last time you grabbed a coffee sleeve to keep from burning your hand on the way back to the car. What about the time you purchased a lanyard to make keeping track of your keys easier? Our lives are dotted with little gestures of convenience, all to make the overwhelming demand of life just a tiny bit easier to deal with. When you run a business, cutting corners and building bridges is just another Tuesday. The year isn’t over yet and there are plenty of ways you can make your day-to-day more manageable.

Book repair tape? Color coding dot stickers? These are all just different ways of saying “Phew…that was easy!”

Keeping Convenience Around In Today’s Busy World

Just how do people do it? It can all seem like an art form sometimes, this whole ‘organization’ thing. Not only is better communication and organization good for business, it’s good for your health. Clutter has been closely linked to increased feelings of anxiety, affecting your ability to concentrate and do your job. On the other hand, keeping things organized and stylish will go a long way in boosting your productivity.

America’s Complex Packaging And Transportation Network

The United States remains one of the busiest countries in the world. America’s factories made over $5 trillion worth of goods back in 2016, with that same year seeing 65 billion parcels shipped worldwide. Everyone has their own organization journey to navigate, in a short, and finding yours can be better done with finding the right tools. Clear glossy label protectors on rolls, adhesive label tape, and color coding dot stickers are some of the more common resources people turn to in order to keep track of things. Why?

Interesting Facts About Branding And Packaging

Look no further than color to cure what ails you. This is one of the most reliable ways to snag customers’ attention and help you separate one section from the other. A recent study found 85% of shoppers citing not slogans or logos, but color as their biggest reason for why they buy a particular product. Color has been proven to increase brand recognition by as much as 80% and can mean the difference between some nice impulse buys and being ignored. Colored adhesive dots is just a way to curry this in a smaller form.

Common Preferences Of Today’s Customers

Need to narrow things down a little more on the organization and marketing front? Just look at what customers want. Just like you people want to know they’re not wasting their time, particularly when their dollar is on the line. Eye-catching labeling, bright colors, and placement are all high on the list of ‘must-haves’ when revamping your business. An interesting 2002 study took a closer look at how psychology plays into this — it showed researchers that subjects perform 5% to 10% better on standardized pattern recognition tests when in color, rather than in black and white.

Useful Tools To Supplement Your Workweek

Let’s face it…your workweek needs some work. Just like change doesn’t happen in a day, so too should you approach improvement in small steps. Color coding dot stickers are a smart way of changing labels to reflect special deals or markdowns. You can also look into book binding repair to help a little behind-the-scenes, as an already hard workweek doesn’t need to be demoralized further! Slowly, but surely, picking your way through the mess will bring results you can sing about.

Sprinkle some convenience onto your life. Pick up some color coding dot stickers and heavy duty colored adhesive tape to take the bite out of the crunch.

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