Coil Binding Machines and Other Devices We Still Love to Use

Automatic spiral binding machine

One of humanity’s greatest achievements is an ongoing one: the ability to continuously adapt and improve. You see evidence of this trait in nearly every manmade structure, device, or invention. Over time, things are developed to work more quickly and efficiently. We improve upon machines and systems in order to make life safer, simpler, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. And one of the best aspects of this continuous improvement is that we are then given the opportunity to choose which system we prefer. Amongst all the latest upgrades and innovations, there is still a certain comfort and novelty to be found in indulging in the originals, antiques, and outdated.

Coil binding machines for print copies

Even in this digital age, there are those who will always prefer a hard copy over a screen, whether it is a work document or a favorite novel. Coil binding machines are amongst those machines that are often considered to be outdated, yet there continue to be so many uses for them. Automatic coil binding machines and automatic paper punching machines are two devices that you might envision in an office set back a few decades, but they are far from being useless. From schools to offices and even for the personal use of those who really like to be organized, office machines that help to organize and coherently present a stack of documents will likely always have a useful place.

The popularity of print

We live in a world of screens. With screens at our fingertips, it would seem that print is dead, or at least well on its way out. But that simply does not seem to be the case. It has been estimated that print is about 59% more engaging than articles online. There are times when having a solid printed copy in hand is always going to make more sense or feel more comfortable than attempting to navigate a webpage or other screen.

Print doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. With an annual total of more than 9 billion tons of paper used across the country, print continues to be one of the biggest major industries around the globe. It is about eight times bigger than the massive video game industry, and it is also a significant amount larger than the auto manufacturing industry.

Progress is important. But so is preserving the past. A happy union of the two is a great way to continue advancing while celebrating and integrating past inventions as well.
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