Choosing High Capacity Paper Shredder for Office Usage

Choosing High Capacity Paper Shredder for Office Usage

Even if you’re not among the few people who currently keep the secret formula for Coca-Cola and don’t really see the need to hide anything, you need to keep your information safe from prying eyes. Information and identity theft has increasingly become an online problem, however, it is has been a fairly common issue offline especially in occupational settings. Office bins and garbage containers full of sensitive transactional receipts and statements are treasure boxes for identity thieves.

If you don’t have a safe place to hide your records, a paper shredder is the best tool to dispose of documents containing sensitive information.

1. Capacity

For large scale chomping up of documents, there are high capacity paper shredders that can significantly reduce the time taken to shred sheets of paper. Depending on the shredding volume you will be doing, it’s important to choose an appropriate paper shredder. If you have more papers that need to be shredded that means you’re are a higher risk of identity theft. This means that you need to pick a shredder with powerful motors, bigger blades, and a large collecting bin.

2. Cost

High capacity paper shredders can be expensive to acquire as well as maintain. However, recent technologies have enabled some manufacturers to come up with smart components such as smart motors and blades that adjust according to the load. When choosing an industrial shredder or commercial paper shredder, you need as much information as possible to make an informed decision.

3. Scale

Whether you’re looking for a home or office paper shredder, you need to consider the scale of the work. Most high capacity paper shredders are built for office applications with infrequent and long sessions as opposed to short and a more frequent shredding load in a home office usage.

4. Interoperability

Some manufacturers have designed their shredders with interoperability, where a third party container or bin can be used in place of the original part. This is the new type of paper shredders and the old ones are still limited to the type and size of the container to use.

5. Energy consumption

In the past, there wasn’t much concern about energy consumption on paper shredders. But as businesses look to reduce the cost of production by reducing their utility bills, there is the need for energy-efficient paper shredders.

When choosing high capacity shredder, consider the aforementioned factors to get the right product for your specific needs. A quality shredder should give you long years of service without downtimes. That’s what you should be looking in the market.

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