Certified Mail Goes Digital

Contrary to expectations, the post office and regular mail have not become redundant in the digital age. Instead, regular mail has gone digital, making services like certified mail more accessible and convenient. Regular mail is still used for vital purposes like mailing drivers licenses, insurance and legal documents, and more. Custom postage that can be accessed online makes all of these services much more convenient.

Certified mail goes digital
Certified mail is proof of the date of mailing a letter. It also tracks the item and provides proof of delivery. Because of these qualities, it is used for legal and compliance mail such as regulatory and notice mailings. Some common examples are legal notices, tax and insurance documents, driving licenses, bank cards and checks, etc. All of this means that the post office hasn’t become redundant in the digital age.
On the contrary, it’s gone digital, making custom postage and certified mail services much more convenient. As of 2017, the post office handled over 149 billion pieces of mail: 149,491,000,000 to be exact. Of these, 58,747 were sent via First Class mail. The post office has over half a million employees, with 503,103 people performing tasks like sorting, transporting and delivering mail.

Accessing certified mail online
Government agencies and businesses use certified mail for a number of vital purposes. The DMV still uses it to mail driving licenses, and tax payments are sent to IRS via certified mail. Health care records are sent by certified mail to meet privacy requirements. Businesses, from small businesses and startups to Fortune 500 companies, all use certified mail for a number of important mailings.
Attorneys, small business owners, resellers, mail houses, print shops and many others can all benefit from signing up with certified mail services online. This lets them print certified mail labels and to get the custom postage they need. It’s actually very simple to get certified mail postage online. All that an individual or business needs to do is to create an account, which will let them print custom postage. The mail can be dropped off in any U.S. mail postbox.

Printing certified mail labels in three simple steps
The first step is to set up an online account. This is free and there are no monthly fees or extra charges. The online system requires a name, address, phone number, and email. It will ask you to create a secure password, and then you’re ready to go to the next step, which is to add your payment information. Most major bank and credit cards can be used, as well as paper checks, eChecks, and bank wires. Each postage label is paid for as it is purchased, and options like auto invoicing are available.
Postage labels have bar codes which will make it possible to track each piece of mail from your desk to delivery at the final destination. The certified mail account lets users print labels for various services, including USPS Certified Mail, Return Receipt Electronic, Restricted Delivery, and Priority Mail labels online with USPS PC Postage. The Electronic Delivery Confirmation Report can be emailed to the user. Proof of delivery, tracking record and Return Receipt Signatures are all kept on record for ten years.

Custom postage online allows individuals, businesses, and government agencies to access important services without a trip to the Post Office and a long wait in line. Printing postage, tracking, and proof of delivery are all done online, and records are maintained for ten years. For a number of purposes like DMV, tax and insurance mailings and legal documents, certified mail online services offer both convenience and security. In other words, the best of the digital age.

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