Can You Hear The Next Office Over There? Neither Can I

Imagine being on the phone with a client in your office when suddenly, the office next door begins talking about a tongue and cheek topic loud and clear, your client becomes very upset by this. When the client hangs up, he takes with at end of the phone call the end of your contract as well. So much for that nice summer vacation you were planning with your children, now it is time to find new clients. Wouldn’t it have been so much simpler if your office had simply been soundproof? Perhaps it is time to figure out how to soundproof your office room before something like this happens again. How to soundproof an office room is here to tell you how to go about building a soundproof booth to protect yourself, your clients, and your privacy.

33% of clients have switched their businesses to other venues all due to a single instance of poor service. Soundproofing should not be one of those reasons your clients claim to have had poor service in your office. Especially when soundproofing can come with many different options and designs.

A private phone booth for office space should be a requirement for all offices, being able to have those quiet conversations that no one else should be hearing is imperative for your business to thrive. There are many solutions can be purchased to fix these problems. Some of these solutions include special tiles that can be fit to the celling, these celling tiles are made from flame retardant material that lock in the noise and silence the outside world. So that private conversations stay private. Other means are thick decorative plating that can be installed on the wall to promote nose absorption. There are even special drapes that can be installed that quill the sound from escaping or entering the room.

Next time you wonder how to soundproof an office room be sure to do your research and take it seriously. Soundproof phone booth for office space could be one of the best investments for both your business and your clients that you could make. No one wants to have to skip vacation due to losing clients because their space wasn’t private enough for the clients liking. Keep your business a successful and happy one with soundproofing.

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