Can You Find Quality Temp Workers?

Can You Find Quality Temp Workers?

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Temp staffing just does not equate to high turnover any more. Nearly 75 percent of staffing firm customers interviewed by the American Staffing Association revealed that their temp staffing hires were as good or better than their own full time employees. These days, the temporary staff force make up just over 13 percent of the Canadian workforce, but finding the right staffing solution may take a little research on the front end.

Finding the right professional staffing agencies can be fairly straight forward if you follow these simple tips for research. Begin by looking at online reviews and case studies on various staffing solution agencies. For this, you could use third party sites to research the feedback from previous clients and the workforce that they represent as well. Remember, client feedback will including hiring agencies and employees too.

The beauty in temporary staffing is that it lets both parties come together on a trial basis. If either of you are not the best fit, you can find other potential employees through the temp staffing agencies again. You will have to provide them feedback on the experience, but it will also allow them to narrow down additional candidates for your consideration. But, before you even get to that point, use your preliminary meetings to discuss your concerns and to get their feedback on staffing solutions for your business.

These preliminary staffing solution consultations are also a good way to see how their screening process and evaluations will be applied to your open positions. Their project management and customer service is going to be critical to your long term satisfaction.

Regardless of which staffing solution you settle on, you should maintain very detailed records and notes from the process so that your next temp staffing project will be even quicker. A great temporary employee just might prove to be the thing that helps you get more expertise into your business.

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