Business Cleaning Services and You

Commercial cleaning company

A business owner has to make a high number of difficult decisions throughout the process of creating a successful business and maintaining a successful business. Some of these decisions will deal with human resource aspects of their business, such as hiring employees and employee recognition programs. Other decisions, however, may deal with something as simple as whether or not a business owner wants to hire business cleaning services to clean their workplace.

Hiring a business cleaning service is important because it will deal with an important aspect of running a successful business, which is having a clean workplace. It is impossible to have healthy employees and healthy people that work hard in a workplace. If you want to have a clean workplace without having to clean it yourself, bring in business cleaning services to help you out.

In May 2013, there were 2.3 million people employed by the cleaning services industry in the United States. That very industry, including the cleaning and janitorial services, is expected to grow between now and the year 2020. As a matter of fact, it is believed to grow by 4.3% as an industry. It is expected to be worth more than $60 billion by the year of 2018. Business cleaning services and the cleaning services industry can be broken up into different sectors including standard commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, damage restoration, and other types of cleaning services.

A commercial cleaning company, a professional cleaning service, or office cleaning services are what you should look for. Understand that office building are the largest segment of commercial cleaning contracts in the business cleaning services industry and makes up 31% of all the total contracts. This is important because data suggests that an average desk can contain nearly 10 million different types of bacteria.

Most business cleaning services will come to your workplace during the second or third shift because most businesses are cleaning when there is no one present. That is done so that employees will not have to worry about a cleaning service distracting them. Nearly 1 out of every 5 office workers will not clean their desk before they eat, so this means they can easily consume bacteria that will make them sick.

Employees being absent from work due to illnesses contribute to $227 billion from lost productivity. 50 million days of work are lost every year just because of the common cold. Getting the right business cleaning services into your workplace can help prevent these people from getting sick so often. Know as well that only about 25% of all workers in an office place believe their offices are cleaned to the best of all abilities.

77% of all people across the nation are regularly experiencing physical malfunctions caused by stress. Money and work are the two most common causes of stress amongst 76% of all people. 98% of all workers will come under minor or major contagious diseases because they are in a surrounding that is unclean. Work losses that are related to health will cost United States employers more than $260 billion each year.

In Conclusion

Hiring business cleaning services to keep your workplace clean is incredibly important to the overall success of your business. If you cannot keep your workplace clean then you will have employees miss work because of illnesses or contagious diseases. It not only includes keeping the desks clean but also making sure that areas such as the bathroom are a clean. Those types of areas will conjure some very disgusting bacteria and as a result you must make sure that it is clean.

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