Boring Interior Restaurant Design Can Lose You Customers Five Useful Design Tips For 2018

When a customer walks into your establishment…they want to feel inspired.

Your marketing campaign and hearty promises of a good time can only go so far, after all. As the saying goes, “It needs to be seen to be believed.” Quality furniture from the entrance all the way to the bar should provide a constant stream of feedback to hungry eyes on their way to a delicious meal. Beautiful colors can guide the eye around, while quaint details can help them linger and create memorable first and second impressions. Interior design and psychology are one in the same, yet to be topped by even the tastiest menu options.

The moment you seize the opportunity for a more superior visual dining experience is the moment you’ll start making more money. Here are just five ways you can achieve a brilliant aesthetic.

Follow The Key Principles Of Design

One of the best things about design is that you can apply its logic across just about any art form. Whether you’re attempting to use photography to sell your restaurant online or decorating your lobby with indoor lounge commercial furniture, these tactics will remain true. Interior design coasts along three key principles of focal point, color and unity. The first is necessary to draw the eye and make it stick. The second needs to be a careful blend of neutrals and primaries, while the latter is another way of defining a style that ‘ties’ it all together.

Embrace The Art Of Refurbished Wood

There’s nothing like a win-win to motivate you into action. There’s a great way of snagging the attention of your customers while helping out the environment: high quality wood furniture with commercial furniture nailheads. Consumers and designers alike agreed in a recent study that wood furniture should last at least 15 years longer than other types, including metal, plastic and wood mixtures. To follow up on the first point, consider investing in wood table tops to create a more vintage or ‘traditional’ look. A recent study found 55% of American consumers reporting they prefer the old-school appeal!

Keep A Close Eye On The Little Details

It’s not just the big, solid wood table tops and fancy barstools. It’s also the commercial furniture nailheads and table finishes. The U.S. Census Bureau found furniture sales to be increasing nearly 2% in just 2016 alone. Furniture Today has gone out to state furniture sales to reach $122 billion by 2020! There’s a lot of love being extended to all kinds of large and small additions. Commercial furniture nailheads should be both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. found vintage and old-fashioned additions to be among the top 10 furniture trends.

Decorate Your Porch And Patios, Too

Make sure you go all the way with your purchase. Keep the outside of your restaurant or corner-in-the-wall shop appealing. Your deck can be furnished with outdoor commercial barstools for casual dining as well as some pretty upholstery fabrics designed to keep away the erosion of the environment. A nice detail about wood furniture is its inherently neutral quality. It’s quite easy to toss on different patterned and colored fabrics all over the stools, tables and chairs to give them a sort of rustic charm without seeming overblown.

Use Upholstery Fabric To Protect Your Investment

Last, but certainly not least, consider making a few extra notes alongside your purchase of commercial furniture nailheads. Upholstery is another win-win that protects your furniture while breathing new life into your old decor. These can come in velvet or cotton, silk or combination, and will go a long way in extending the lifespan of each purchase. Furniture upholstery fabric can be tweaked and customized at will, though you should make sure to pick a consistent material throughout so your design feels ‘complete’.

Satisfying the eye and stomach of each customer. It sounds like a tall order, but with good interior design anything is possible.

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