Better Commercial Real Estate Signage Can Improve Your Business

Business signage

Commercial Real Estate Signage is often the first thing you notice when you are attempting to find a business. These days, our phones can give us door to door directions on how to get to a store front, but when you get close enough, it’s the signage that points you in the right direction.

If you’re a business person with a brick and mortar location, the average person will see your sign about two times every day or 60 times per month. Outdoor business signs will stick in the memory of that person who sees them that often. Having a sign that is memorable for all of the right reasons can go a long way toward bringing new sales to your company. Without a business location sign, people won’t know where to find you. With all of the online advertising and promotions that go on every day, you would think that would be enough to draw new customers, and it is. But without a location sign, 35% of the people won’t know where you actually are.

Creative sign designs and custom printed banners make your business stand out from the rest. A sign company that can design the kind of sign that draws people in without being too obnoxious is the one you want to find to design your signs. You’ve probably seen store front signs that have been memorable but for all of the wrong reasons. This doesn’t help your bottom line in the long run. It might make a splash at first, but big splashes turn to drowning quite quickly.

When thinking about your commercial real estate signage, consider options that are outside of the box. As mentioned earlier, something too bold might not be best. Besides, your local chamber of commerce might have specific rules and guidelines about proper commercial real estate signage, so always check with your local chamber first. Outside of the box ideas don’t have to push up against the rules in order to be memorable. They just have to be creative.

Many businesses are making a move toward vehicle wraps. This is when signs are put on a company vehicle so that when you’re out and about, during business hours or any time of the day or night, your car is functioning as a moving billboard. This method has been very effective for many different types of companies.

If you have checked with your local chamber of commerce and have found that you can display a digital sign at your store’s location, that is something you should definitely consider. When compared to traditional commercial real estate signage, locations with a digital sign garnered 30% more sales. People can see the sign from farther away and think it looks sharper than a regular sign. It might be a little bit more money up front, but think about how soon it will pay for itself if you can bring in 30% more sales than before.

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