Benefits of Using A Temp Agency

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Are you currently looking for a job or in an HR role looking to hire a new employee for a job? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people every single day are searching for a job while recruiting agencies, HR departments and staffing companies are searching for the right candidate. If you find yourself in one of these positions and have not already looking into what a temp service might be able to offer to you or your organization then you may want to check it out. Below are just three of the benefits of using a temp service:

1. Proven to Work – There is a reason that over 3 million temporary employees work for America‚Äôs staffing companies during an average week: the system is proven to work. Here’s how the system works: a person looking for a job contacts a local temp service to inquire about any openings they might know of, then the agency conducts a standard interview with the candidate to assess skill levels in certain areas as well as to understand what sort of job they actually want. Next, the agency will work with employers who have positions to fill to get qualified candidates in the door.

2. Try Before You Buy – Nearly 60 percent of organizations in the United states view employee retention as a major problem. One of the reason that this is a major problem is because it costs companies an outrageous amount of money. Studies show that over $11 billion is lost every single year due to employee turnover. Not only are you losing the money spent to recruit that person, but you are losing the money spent to train them, purchase equipment for them, and much more. By using a temp service you can set your contracts to shorter time periods so that you do not spend as much money up front before you know the candidate is committed.

3. Strong Candidates From The Start – Another reason that employers love to use temp agencies is that when candidates are sent over to them they have typically already been vetted and answered questions that pertain to the job. All the employer has to do is to provide the temp service with exactly what skill set they are looking for in their next employee, and the agency will see who they have to send over. Not only do temp services provide strong candidates from the start, but typically they can do so incredibly fast.

Finding a job and hiring employees are both tasks that can be long and arduous, but by using a staffing agency or temp service both processes can be made easier. If you are someone looking for a job, reaching out to a local temp service and meeting with them can give you a good sense of what the job market in your area is really like. If you are an employer looking to hire someone, temp agencies can take a lot of the legwork out of the process for you. The benefits really are endless.

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