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It’s in the cloud.
People love to throw that phrase around. Our photos and music are stored in the cloud. Our business data storage solutions are in the cloud. And, for many businesses, their phone and communication technologies are in the cloud. The fact of the matter is, however, cloud storage and virtual office solutions are not always quite as easy as they sound. If you are a small company owner who runs the majority of your business in the cloud, you often need access to some brick and mortar solutions. Meeting with clients, for instance, often means that you need to have access to coop work spaces that allow you to facilitate face to face customer meetings. In today’s increasingly technological business world, then, it should come as no surprise that there are companies that need a virtual office space, and all of the extras that entails.
A company that provides office solutions, including a complete package of office space, technology, service, and support, can help even the smallest business owners be successful. A company leader that realizes that they need virtual office packages which allow them to enjoy the luxuries of a traditional office, but also provide the flexibility to work on their own terms is a leader who has a better chance of being successful.

  • The realization that you need a virtual office space can happen pretty quickly for a successful new company.
  • Having flexible access to a real office space and printing and copying services is a reality for many virtual company owners.
  • In the case of at least 60% of employers, cost savings is identified as a significant benefit to allowing their workers to telecommute. It is no surprise that 14% of Americans have changed jobs to shorten their commute. In addition, 46% of companies that allow teleworking platforms indicate that their decision has reduced employee attrition.
  • Some business solutions are easy, but some like the occasional need for office space can be more complicated. As a result, virtual office meeting room solutions can be a challenge. For many companies, the answer is found in contracting with a company that provides shared office options that can be used on a short term and infrequent basis.

  • Incentives for allowing employers to telecommunicate are varied, but more time on the job is a leading benefit. For instance, Sun Microsystems finds that employees working at home use 60% of the time they would have spent commuting actually completing work assignments.
  • Statistics indicate that 80% of employees view the option to work remotely as a job perk.

  • Real office solutions do not always follow a set plan. What works for one company might be completely ineffective for another. If you are a virtual business owner you need to work with a virtual office provider who will listen to your needs and who is willing to work to find the best solutions.
  • Even if you never imagined that you would need the use of fully furnished offices, the reality is that you will likely need access to a location for face to face meetings with potential customers and clients.
  • A company owners who realize they need a virtual office space can find a growing number of providers. Taking the time to locate the best rates and the best options is, in fact, is increasingly profitable, because there are so many competitive offerings.
  • Leased office space is one option for virtual companies, but more and more businesses are finding that the option of sharing office space, as well as office manager personnel, is a wise decision.

The sky is the limit and the cloud seems to be the solution for many of the country’s newest and most profitable business owners. The first commercial application of a virtual office may have occurred in the year 1994, but the best use of this platform is still developing. Companies of all sizes that need a virtual office space are looking for flexible, on-demand use of conference rooms and offices for meetings for hourly, daily, or weekly availability. Before you let your dreams all move to the cloud, make sure that you also have a down to earth plan of how you will handle your face to face meetings.

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