Anti-Theft Strategies For Retail Stores

business security systemMost people don’t even want to think about the possibility of having their business burglarized. However, it is a concern that needs to be addressed and dealt with before it happens. As many as 38% of a businesses’ inventory can shrink due to shoplifting, and 34.5% due to employee theft. Investing in a good business security system can reduce that chance of having these things happen to your business.

Security cameras are a must when talking about the safety of your business. Having the right video surveillance equipment may greatly reduce the risk of your business being the victim of burglary, creating a safer work environment for employees. If the threat of being caught on surveillance video doesn’t deter a would-be criminal, then in the very least it can and will help identify the person responsible and ensure they never do this to another business again. Keeping security surveillance in your building is a must to ensure that your business remains safe.

Beyond that, should a robbery indeed occur, there exists a need to report that robbery as soon as possible. Alarm systems for businesses is a crucial part of maintaining the safety of your business. Even if the intruder did not have to break a window or otherwise damage your property, thus causing an alarm to sounds, there exist sound-based verified alarms that would trigger should noise be made in a location that noise should not be coming from. Audio-based intrusion detection systems allow the security of your business to remain active, even if no doors have been kicked in or windows smashed. Surprisingly, only one out of every seven businesses has an alarm system. However, police report that they respond to around 38 million alarm activations per year, with between 10-25% of all calls being for alarm calls. However, over 50% of burglars have stated that would discontinue the break-in if they discovered an alarm, even in the break in was impulsive and not planned. Integrating high quality alarm systems into your business security system could save your business a lot of trouble.

The need of a commercial security system should be at the forefront of your plans for your business. Reliable and effective security is paramount to the safety of both workers and the business in any and all retail stores.

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