All you need to Know about Freight broker software

The freight forwarding business is one of the most dynamic industries we have today. According to statistics, trucking transported cargo amounted to about 15billion tons in 2013. Reports compiled by Bureau of Labor Statistics stipulate that the number is anticipated to rise to 18.79 billion tons by 2040.

These rates are attributed to the invention of more efficient and cost-effective tools which enable the logistics businesses to run smoothly. One of them is the freight broker software that is designed to provide quick operations.

Use of freight brokerage software
Did you know that you can manage your freight more efficiently using freight brokerage software? There is a lot that freight brokerage software can do for your business. You can take advantage of the special freight management software to steer your businesses to the next level.
The freight broker software is designed to track every activity
in logistic businesses right from loading of freight, tracking pickups and deliveries to payment details. It makes the whole process easy and gives you accurate details.

Benefits of using Freight Brokerage Software

Eases the management process
Freight Brokerage software is a valuable tool that enables businesses to manage transport activities without leaving their comfort zone. The software integrates Google Maps that allow you to see all traffic information and determine the distance travelled by freight.

Automated communication
The freight brokerage software enables automated communication with customers, which ensures prompt communication cost-effectively. Critical information is received on time making it easy to manage and store all information regarding customers, drivers, revenue, equipment, charges and rates.

All operation in a single system
Accounting and all other operations are conducted in a single system. This helps in elimination double or redundant entries.
Use of freight visibility platform
Freight visibility platform enables businesses, and customers track their shipment. The freight broker software system will save you from worry about your delivery. Upon placing an order, customers can get information on their cargo using the software system.

Benefits of using freight visibility platform
1. Businesses can use a single platform to track several shipments.

2. With the platform, it is possible to track shipments using order number.

3. It gives a company the ability to handle different types of orders including an LTL shipment, a truckload or load on a rail.

4. Timestamps are accurate therefore it is possible to predict the time shipment will reach its destination.

The broker system is a professional tool for transport. It enables users to track their shipment from dispatch until it gets to its destination.

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