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In a lot of ways, you might think that the rise of the internet killed basic forms of physical advertising. A lot of people believe that the digital world has killed led signs for schools, signs for churches and led business signs. Well, the truth is that the electronic world did as it much as it didn’t. This might seem like a bit of paradox but it’s very true. The reality is that mass, online advertising media and the ubiquity of websites are just as important as older types of advertising but they haven’t supplanted them. Not yet. Most organizations and businesses still survive by investing in a mixture of both of these types of advertising, using them in different areas and sectors for ultimate marketing and financial gain. But what types of physical signage are best in this new and digital world? What forms of physical, real advertising can compete with online advertising? What follows is a short list of a few examples and how they can save businesses when used the right way.

    Large scale road advertisements
    Led signs for schools and full color led signs are a good way to go for any group or organization but, to better understand the different species of signage, it’s better to start large and work our way to small. So what’s the biggest and flashiest type of physical sign you can have? You guessed it. It’s the roadside billboard. Let’s take a theoretical corporation that sells different types of software. They have a new type of processor that just came out of development and they want everyone else to know about it. Now, of course, there are a number of ways they can begin to market this. They are going to do it online, primarily and for good reason. This isn’t really in dispute. Not in this hypothetical example, at least. But, as stated before, to maximize profits and awareness they are going to want to do some large scale advertising in the real world as well. This is a larger company, after all and they’ve put a lot of money into this development. They are going to need at least an equal return on their initial investments. So how exactly should they proceed?
    Talking big
    Billboards are a great way to get this large scale idea out into the world but the question remains as to why this is the case. Well there are a couple answers to this, all of which require some prior knowledge as to how the public at large interacts with the concept of marketing. For example, most ads that are placed online are immediately skipped. When given the opportunity, people want their content, not a preview of some goods, services or content they are not currently invested in. This is just the harsh reality of marketing now that we live in a world that’s totally saturated by new inventions and content. So where does the idea of the billboard come in? That’s the ingenious part and, honestly, the part that most people overlook. Mass, physical and constant advertisements like billboards can’t be moved or avoided. Whether it’s a smaller scale structure like led signs for schools or a larger, electronic corporate billboard, the only limit to its marketing power is the time its up and the physical location it’s in.
    Understanding type and interaction
    This doesn’t mean the billboard is foolproof of course, nor does it mean billboards or other types of physical signage are always going to work. An outdoor led display, whether for a pub, church or large software company, is only going to be as effective as the need for the public to consume what it is that these places are selling. But they do have one advantage over the internet, a specific talent that no amount of digital signage will ever have. Consistency. They are unavoidable because nothing short of a tornado or hurricane can knock them down. Led signs for schools might seem like a simple solution in this day and age but they still have power. They still work. It’s just a different type of work.

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