Adapting Your Physician Recruitment Strategy for 2022

Adapting Your Physician Recruitment Strategy for 2022

As a physician practice owner, hiring and recruiting are no simple matters. Hiring onto your medical staff takes time and diligence, and not doing your due diligence in finding the right people for the job can not only result in mistakes, but also in a bad image for your practice. In 2022, physician recruitment has been one of the hardest areas of running a medical practice. There are few doctors to go around, and in order to onboard the best of the best, you need to update your strategy as a physician recruiter. In this video, we will look at one company’s strategy to get more applications and new hires in their medical staffing in the age of the pandemic.

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This expert states that the medical field is a big shortage market right now, giving applicants uch more freedom to choose which offers they want to take. Where applicants usually needed to choose between 2-3 offers, they are now receiving upwards of 7-8 due to increased demand. Because of this, recruiters need to hear out new hires’ requests, whether it be benefits or salary requests, in order to expand their staffing. This is a hard time for recruiters, but connecting and making a real impression on a candidate is the first step to a new hire.


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