A Look At The Many Benefits Of Taking Private Flights Here In The United States

Getting a private charter quote has become easier and more accessible than every before here in the United States, directly related to the increase not only in the private charter quote itself, but in the number of private planes found all throughout the country. As anyone who has ever gotten a private charter quote is likely well aware of, the push for private flights has increased considerably in recent years. As of 2011, now more than six years in the past, there were already as many as 11,261 private planes located and registered all throughout the country. In the years that have followed since, this number – and the number of people who are looking for a private charter quote – has only continued to increase.

But what’s really behind this growing need for the private charter quote when commercial airlines are still widely available for use all throughout the country? For one thing, commercial flights might be convenient to book, but they have many other detriments, as anyone who has navigated a crowded commercial airport is all too likely to be able to attest to. Commercial airports can be crowded and difficult to navigate, with getting through security alone becoming a huge hassle. And on the other end of things, baggage claims can be difficult to deal with as well, as baggage all too often becomes delayed or even lost completely, which can certainly mess up and delay just about any trip in quite a significant way.

For many people, the actual flight is not all that much better. Many find that the typical commercial flight is loud and often stressful, especially if they are traveling alone and don’t get to choose who they sit next to. While most seat partners are likely to be unobtrusive and unproblematic to sit next to, this is certainly not the case very single time that someone flies commercially, and a disruptive or rude seat partner can be hugely detrimental to someone’s overall experience on any given flight.

For those who are traveling for business purposes, flying can be even more difficult. In fact, the average business person will find that their productivity drops by as much as 47% when they travel via commercial airline, an effect that can be hugely detrimental to their ability to get work done while flying. In fact, this can even be hugely detrimental to their ability to get work done off the plane as well, especially if they run into delays in getting to where they are staying, such as with the baggage claim aspect of things.

Fortunately, however, those who have gotten a private charter quote know that flying in private jets can very much help to alleviate this problem that has been faced by business people all throughout the country – and perhaps even all throughout the world. As a matter of fact, those who fly via private jet find that their productivity is able to increase by as much as 20%, if not more than that. And this percentage does not just show an increase from their productivity on a commercial airline, but actually in their productivity as a whole, something that is even more impressive at the end of the day. For many people who are flying for business or even just personal reasons, flying via a private jet – such as that of the VIP private jet, in some lucky cases – can be so very beneficial for a whole host of reasons.

In fact, flying via a private jet even means that you’ll likely be able to avoid the typical major airport, as only about 19% of private business flights end up flying into large commercial airports, of which there are just about 300 of throughout this country alone. Avoiding such massive airports, as most private flights are very much able to do, can speed up the flight itself and the process that comes before and after taking a flight. Flying into secondary and smaller airports can also be a great way to access other parts of the country not directly connected to any major airport.

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