A Guide to New AC Install

A Guide to New AC Install

An AC install doesn’t have to be that troublesome. The main problem is the expense but investing in a proper HVAC system is always worth the money. The Youtube video “New AC Unit Install” shows a step-by-step of how a new outside unit was placed, so you can understand that it’s not so hard.

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In the video, they showed the model they were going to replace because it was originally used. However, they fixed it and it worked for another ten years perfectly. They only had to check it sometimes because it had leaks in the compressor. Therefore, it needed to be recharged every six to eight months. There were also some electrical issues, but that’s not a problem for an AC expert. This means that a solid AC unit can run for years with the proper maintenance and repairs.

To install the new unit, they needed to remove the old one, which weighed a lot, so they needed two strong men to do it and the proper equipment to haul it away. Afterward, they placed the new unit in the same spot and connected it in much the same way as the previous one.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about AC install.


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