A Guide to a New AC Installation

A Guide to a New AC Installation

Installing your new AC unit isn’t a walk in the park, as you need to know the steps and advanced DIY skills. If you feel like an AC installation is too hard, you can always hire a team of professionals to help you. If you think you can handle it, follow these great tips for a successful AC installation.

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The first step to installing your new AC unit is getting rid of your older one. Be careful removing your old AC unit, as you won’t want to damage your air vent or refrigerant pipes. After you dispose of your old AC, prepare the pad for your new unit. It’s advisable to go with a composite pad instead of a concrete pad, as composite does a better job absorbing the unit’s vibrations. Now it’s time to install your new evaporation coil. To do this, remove your old evaporation coil and clean your indoor surroundings thoroughly

The following steps are setting up the outside unit and adding the new filter dryers. After you complete these steps, you can enjoy the comfort of a new AC.


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